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Sabotage A5a

Oh my god, it's a mirage! I'm tellin' y'all, it's SABOTAGE!!!!

  1. Lightbulbs and blindfolds

    "I'mma set it straight, this Watergate"

    Its been a while since I worked on this map, however I felt like I should at least try and get some updates out and try and work on this more, as I've drawn up some new ideas for this map that I cannot wait to implement.

    This update to Sabotage includes the following changes:

    Cut off a major sightline between Blue spawn and the 1st point

    Changed Skybox to put less stress on the eyes of everyone playing

    Added a new ledge near the 3rd point to help Red defend

    Added a one way door accessible to red near the 3rd control point that blocks blue from easily flanking.
    *NOTE: This door will remain open upon the capture of the 3rd control point*

    Added a ramp to last leading up to Red spawn

    Smaller changes include minor signs, new props, and texture changes to the map

    DEV NOTES: Well this may be the only update I may upload again until I get bored with my 72hr map, however if the last point doesn't go over well, I am scrapping the entirety of last past the 3rd point and completely redesigning it with some new ideas I have in mind. If there are any pieces of feedback you have for me feel free to PM me on steam, discord or leave it in the comments of this post.


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