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L2: Junior Member
Sep 22, 2015
This door is non-solid and you can shoot rockets/stickies right through it.


L4: Comfortable Member
Apr 17, 2017
Unsure if you're aware, but I believe the special doors around the map are not compiled correctly. I myself have the doors and their materials installed so I didn't notice the visual bug, so I asked people playing the map to give me a screenshot, and displayed below is what they saw.

Might want to look into making sure they're compiled for the next update, unless this is some kind of mistake on my part, in which case sorry for wasting your time! Though I have my doubts, as more than a few people were mentioning those doors missing textures.


Will Alfred

L1: Registered
Oct 13, 2020
Maybe some Concrete foundations around Blu's buildings,
Dirti-fy roofs, apply Slanted Metal across the map, external conduits,
Add a dirt spot under this water fountain

And maybe avoid texture Tiling on Blu's first spawn, maybe add some more propaganda overlay on it,
go crazy, go stupid