Snowedin b1

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Snowedin b1

A Player Destruction version of Standin. Heavily inspired by Ismaciodismorphus's pd_pipeline!


A reskin of Standin to be winter themed, as well as have the Player Destruction gamemode. Kill enemies and capture their presents, then secure the presents at one of the three capture zones that open up every 45 seconds! Each capture zone is in the original location of a control point, A, B, or C! One at a time, starting with B, they will open in alphabetical order and then lock for a little while after. Learn the order in order to get ahead of your opponents and capture more presents for your team! The order goes something like this: B-C | A-B-C | A-B-C | etc.

Changes to this map include;
-Fixes to textures and models that had issues in the original, or weren't mirrored properly
-Doors open a little faster to make sure they don't get caught on players
-Inclusion of winter/festive themed props and lighting/skybox to get in a snowy mood!


ScorpioUprising - Creator of Standin, the map which this is a reskin of!
Ismaciodismorphus - Creator of Player Destruction Pipeline and the main inspiration for this map! Also the person who made static versions of the Birthday Gib presents used around the map!
iiboharz - Creator of the cozy Radiator prop used around the map!
Diva Dan - Creator of Diva Dan's Ice Pack, a pack full of props used on this map!
KrazyZark - Creator of the Briefcase Present that was repurposed to be the PD pickup for this map!
Pinewabble - Creator of some festive props included in the map from Wabble's Small Smissmass Pack!
EArkham - Creator of Snowycoast, the map where this map's skybox originated from!
Donhonk - Creator of the Snow Cat model used on this map from the TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack!
nesman - Creator of the Small Team Coloured Turbines used on this map!
Icarus - Creator of the holograms used on each point from Holographic Capture Regions!
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Player Destruction
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Latest updates

  1. Quick Fix + Some Additions

    -Fixed the extreme bloom and over the top lighting for HDR users so that the map is visually playable for them. Fixed the logic auto not targeting the tonemap. Adjusted lighting. -Added a couple func_visclusters that were missing upon decompiling...
  2. Helpful Stuff

    -Included hud icons that show which point is next on the lock, that way players know where to take their presents next even if the point isn't quite open yet! -Updated certain models that had newer versions
  3. "What do you mean the floors aren't shiny? What do you mean the gamemode isn't working???"

    -Fixed capture zones so players can actually score points and y'know... win the game -Included cubemaps that I forgot with the initial release