Rumford b5

Paper mill payload

  1. more details

    -optimized A again
    -added some more details
    -more areaportals :)
    -better displacements
    -doors are still not packed, deal with it

    If I missed prior feedback leave it again, I probably just forgot to address it.
  2. broooo

    -added a lot more detail
    -added room at A
    -I did a second art pass pretty much

    Waiting for some izo models so there is some jank <3. Please leave detailing feedback :)
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  3. clipping

    one of these days I will have all the clipping issues fixed.
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  4. 24-ish hours

    -forgot clippings
    -fixed some models
    -fixed some lighting
  5. I have 48 hours

    -fixed clipping
    -fixed some textures
    -fixed some props
    -fixed a door or two
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  6. small things

    -added custom signs
    -adjusted models
    -added 3d skybox
    -fixed soundscapes

    there is 1 prop that is misaligned that I will fix if I have time before the deadline.
  7. pain

    -artpassed enough

    I still need to push b1a which fixes 1 soundscape and replace the red bread overlays with custom assets. Just uploading this on the site in case I can't get to it in time.
  8. bill gates

    -updated respawn time for red after capping A and B. Reduced it by 1-2 seconds.
    -added forcerespawn for red.
    -added windows.
    -added some nice textures.
  9. small things

    -removed some rocks
    -moved some stairs
    -added some textures
    -clipped blu spawn :)

    This update I am just testing a few theories really.
  10. ):

    -I unbroke spawns.
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