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Reoptimized the whole map.
Adjusted clippings in areas.
Fixed some lighting bugs.
first rc pass
-more detailing
-moved fund_details to models
-redid most of my stairs
-fixed some clipping

I still need to add a sun sprite
-lowered tjuncs

will probably have b10 out soon lmao
-more detailing
-fixed clippings
-reduced tjuncs
-packed the doors
-added more detailing
-fixed some lighting bugs
-fixed some areaportals
-added some hints
-fixed some textures
-you get the idea
-optimized A again
-added some more details
-more areaportals :)
-better displacements
-doors are still not packed, deal with it

If I missed prior feedback leave it again, I probably just forgot to address it.
-added a lot more detail
-added room at A
-I did a second art pass pretty much

Waiting for some izo models so there is some jank <3. Please leave detailing feedback :)