Rumford a11

Paper mill payload

  1. god I hope this can get detailed soon

    -sort of redid A?
    -fixed clipping
    -optimized the fuck outta the map
    -did a bunch of other stuff
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  2. YEA BOI

    -adjusted A
    -adjusted B
    -adjusted Last
    -more stuff
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  3. hot fix

    so turns out I had force respawn for red team when they capped A. This is merely a hotfix kind of update, I want to test if this changes anything. I absolutely will still look and value all the feedback, probably still use it tbh, testing for a9, I just want to know what happens without one tiny logic piece.

    -added door back to A.
    -removed force respawn for red team.
  4. yea, here we are again

    -removed some sightlines
    -adjusted A for engineers
    -adjusted respawn time on last
    -adjusted health/ammo
    -theres more im just tired as fuck
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  5. oh yea

    -added shithouse outside of BLU spawn.
    -added some textures to BLU spawn.
    -changed shape of BLU spawn.
    -changed flow into A.
    -changed B.
    -removed route at C.
    -moved spawn at last.
    - a lot of other stuff, I finally had motivation to work on this again after starting my summer semester.
  6. spawns

    Introducing a possibly controversial update as my 2 of 2 updates for the minor contest? Hell yea.

    -moved blu forward spawn more forward.
    -made crate on last nobuild.

    god I hope this update isn't shit and screw me over in the contest.
  7. you know it

    -changed the routing on last.
    -lowered last.
    -changed routing between A and B.
    -moved Blu forward.
    -added cubby at A.
  8. clipping

    -added some important clippings
  9. small things

    -made the route at B not a snipers wet dream.
    -added some cover at A.
    -adjusted cover at last.
  10. turning the tables

    I forgot to write up a note post again

    -adjusted blu spawn courtyard
    -adjusted routing at B for blu
    -reworked turntable room
    -adjusted routing into last
    -adjusted health/ammo placement