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Hiver Tower b3

A Player Destruction version of High Tower. Heavily inspired by Ismaciodismorphus's pd_pipeline!

This map reskin is heavily inspired by the maps below. Check them out!:

Ismaciodismorphus - Player Destruction Pipeline
(Another Payload Race map transformed into a Player Destruction map, inspiring me to make this!)

Defcon - Altitude
(Heavily inspired the lighting, skybox, and theming on this map, as well as providing me with textures/blends Altitude used!)


A reskin of High Tower to be winter themed, as well as have the Player Destruction gamemode. Kill enemies and capture their presents, then secure the presents at one of the two capture zones that will open up every 45 seconds! One point is at the cliffs, in the building near the edge. The other point is in between where you'd usually push the carts up their respective elevators!

Changes to this map include;
-Textures, models, lighting, and the skybox have been changed to suit the winter theming
-Patches to better indicate where health and ammo packs will respawn
-The inclusion and removal of one or two props to better suit gameplay
-A small platform near the tower with a magnificent statue of Soldier TF2 on top of it
-Increased the size of trigger_multiples that open spawn doors for quality of life
-Changed a health pack near both points to make it less easy fully restore health while near point


Ismaciodismorphus - Creator of Player Destruction Pipeline and the main inspiration for this map! Also the person who made static versions of the Birthday Gib presents used around the map!
Defcon - Creator of Altitude and the inspiration for the lighting and theming of this map!
Donhonk - Creator of the Snow Cat model used on this map from the TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack!
KrazyZark - Creator of the Briefcase Present that was repurposed to be the PD pickup for this map!
Pinewabble - Creator of some festive props included in the map from Wabble's Small Smissmass Pack!
Urban - Creator of the cappoint holograms used on this map from the Autumnal Mini-Expansion!
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. Small Changes

    -Adjustments to railings to make it harder to get pushed off. -Some parts of the roof near the cliff building can now be walked on to get high ground over the point. -Added new lights in the cliff building. -Minor clipping, lighting, and pack...
  2. Quick Fix

    -Fixed the extreme bloom and over the top lighting for HDR users so that the map is visually playable for them. Fixed the logic auto not targeting the tonemap. -Added a couple func_visclusters that were missing upon decompiling the original map.
  3. Returning Overlays & Small Fixes

    -Turned func_nobuilds in each spawn into func_respawnrooms in order to prevent players from bringing pickups into spawn with no penalty -Brought back all missing overlays that were previous present in the original Hightower, while removing some...