CP Reckoner rc2

5cp map in a clean, industrial greenhouse facility.

  1. Crash

    aa Crash func_nerd

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    Congrats on hitting RC1!
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  2. EArkham

    aa EArkham Necromancer

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    Finally this map is playable!
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  3. phi

    aa phi Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising

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    • Heavily reduced size of shack in all axes (exposed a few key lines of sight while still keeping some additional cover that did not exist without them)
    • Bent shack roof
    • Added metal ramp from side-of-mid up to bridge again! It's wider than it used to be, as well.
    • Shortened length of side-mid angled jut-out by 64?-ish units, a bit more point space now
    • Shortened metal entryway from cargo (why haven't I done this already? it's like free space on mid)
    • Expanded space within stairwell to under mid by 16u
    • Added transparent grate hole to the centre of mid bridge – not as much visibility as a fully transparent bridge, but not as opaque as a fully covered one.
    • Removed a couple problem detail brushes around shack that could catch players
    • Adjusted clipping around single crates to provide easier crouch jump on top of them
    • Closed up diagonal fence near forklift – harder to use it to get free visibility on tunnels

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