Reckoner rc6

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Reckoner rc6

5cp map in a clean, industrial greenhouse facility.

Now in TF2 — go play the official version there!
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Bugfixes + change to mid spawn

    • Added blockbullet to greenhouses next to second to fix collision bugs • Removed duplicate ammobox on mid • Adjusted yellow barrels on upper-last area and shortened doorway into said area by 8u to cover unruly sightline • Removed boxes on...
  2. Still Standing Strong

    The long-awaited new update is here! All sorts of polish and some important layout changes. Changelog: - Mid is back under the bridge, baby! ---- Alongside this, the two small healthkits on mid have been moved to the stairwell areas, rather...
  3. Quick fixes

    - Fixed clipping issue on ramp on second - Changed instances of the shutter door prop, made them easier to avoid interacting with - Edited fence props on second slightly - Removed fence in cargo

Latest reviews

it a best map i play
A beautiful map that I always thought played well in both 6s and highlander. All areas of the map use unique but fun designs and with the new update we might be seeing it back where it belongs in the ETF2L 6s map rotation :)
I didn't have any issues with the double crates at mid but I nevertheless appreciate the response to feedback from the competitive community, and it's great to see that funky clipping in cargo fixed too.
Damn this is a very good map. There are so many details
An extremely fun and unique map. Good middle point that is much different from your standard 5cp mid. Also the theme is stunning, as expected for Phi.
Such an interesting map; it's looks visually appealing yet simple, the map isn't too overly complicated, and would probably work gameplay wise in a comp environment.