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Reckoner rc6

5cp map in a clean, industrial greenhouse facility.

  1. phi
    Overlays and metal textures designed by iiboharz.
    Wet floor sign by Seba, phi, and iiboharz.
    Japan pack made by Freyja and EArkham.
    Two textures in the map made by Fubar.
    Valve shipping containter edit made by Fantasmos and Bakscratch.
    Skybox by YM.
    Oceanic props part of the Bulletcrops pack.


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Recent Updates

  1. Bugfixes + change to mid spawn
  2. Still Standing Strong
  3. Quick fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. kelpto18505
    Version: rc6
    it a best map i play
  2. HOI
    Version: rc4
    A beautiful map that I always thought played well in both 6s and highlander. All areas of the map use unique but fun designs and with the new update we might be seeing it back where it belongs in the ETF2L 6s map rotation :)
    I didn't have any issues with the double crates at mid but I nevertheless appreciate the response to feedback from the competitive community, and it's great to see that funky clipping in cargo fixed too.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: rc2
    Damn this is a very good map. There are so many details
  4. Yellow
    Version: rc1
    An extremely fun and unique map. Good middle point that is much different from your standard 5cp mid. Also the theme is stunning, as expected for Phi.
  5. Anonymous
    Version: rc1
    Such an interesting map; it's looks visually appealing yet simple, the map isn't too overly complicated, and would probably work gameplay wise in a comp environment.