KotH Probed RC2

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Mar 1, 2010
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Originally created for the Summer 2014 72hr contest, made in 10 hours:

First place winner in the Mercs vs Aliens Major Contest.

Thanks to:
FissionMetroid, For dem particles, I said god damn.
Fubar, for helping me with the koth timer events
Ronin and BANG for hosting the MvA event and providing the props
PMAvers and the Penny Arcade community, for putting up with all my crap
Aly, for the Almost Sphere™ and for help with various things
My Youtube Nerds, for the encouragement!
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Dec 2, 2012
Damn those pics look nice! Nice to see my fourth favorite 72H summer contest map detailed

I'll edit this post with eventual feedback after I download it tomorrow


Map looks amazing! I usually post pics of everything I think is cool but I couldn't bother with that... there's so much I like and I'm very lazy ;P

Now then, some things I noticed:


- You can stand of this awning and roof. This might cause some frustrating spawncamping on both sides.


- Whoops! Also, make so that the respawnroomvisualizers are visible to the enemy team even when the door is closed.



- This building disappears for some reason when moving through this path. There's a similar case with a window visible from the BLU spawn door (the flank one), which pops in and out very quickly when exiting spawn.
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Sep 7, 2012
After the contest are you going to make a casual/pub version? I think it's great that you're always catering to the comp community but sometimes people like the snowy versions as well to play on.


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Sep 23, 2014
Nice looking map you have there. I've not seen a Koth map with the point in the corner like that before, can't wait to play on it.


Mar 1, 2010
Map updated to Beta 3. Downloads and new screenshots in OP.

Beta 3
Finished finale event actions, audio still WIP
Made the UFO ship event happen slightly less often (Random between 50 and 90 seconds before, now 65 and 95 seconds)
UFO ship now also stays for a shorter time (10 seconds before, now 8 seconds)
Reduced capture time by 2 seconds (10 seconds before, now 8 seconds at x1)
Reduced damage per tick inside of ship (9 before, now 7)
Gave those entering ship a very slight overheal on top of getting healed up to full
Moved alien ship teleporters to opposites sides of where each team spawns.
Added health packs to ship
Added ramps facing teleporters on ship
Lowered to almost ground level locations where players teleport back in from ship
Remade 3d skybox
Fixed some visleaf issues
Adjusted lighting all over


Aug 14, 2009
Can you really call it a strange mood when it seems you are always in that mood? Cause it would be strange if you weren't in a strange mood at this rate!

Gotta admit I haven't watched them all the way through, but what I've seen has been pretty entertaining.