Probed RC2

First place winner of the Mercs vs Aliens Major contest

  1. Crash
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    Originally created for the Summer 2014 72hr contest, made in 10 hours:

    First place winner in the Mercs vs Aliens Major Contest.

    Thanks to:
    FissionMetroid, For dem particles, I said god damn.
    Fubar, for helping me with the koth timer events
    Ronin and BANG for hosting the MvA event and providing the props
    PMAvers and the Penny Arcade community, for putting up with all my crap
    Aly, for the Almost Sphereâ„¢ and for help with various things
    My Youtube Nerds, for the encouragement!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Ewber Taxi
    Ewber Taxi
    Version: RC2
    Great map, I love the ufo and all the stuff, im still annoyed its in alternate gamemodes though in casual mode, its still a good map.
  2. Malachite Man
    Malachite Man
    Version: RC2
    the map is amazing there is a ufo that pulls you in the beam the map design is prefect i like the exploding robots and im glad it won 1st place and got added to tf2