PL Entity Question - Is Only Two Stage Possible?


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Aug 19, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I'm working through pl_geyser currently and running into a major entity setup problem as I set this map up.

Main question: Is a 2 Stage PL map Possible (2x, 3x)?

For background, currently tf2 has two pl A/D types - single stage (i.e. Badwater) and 3 stages (i.e. Goldrush). Both of which I have successfully recreated in the past. I haven't seen a two stage pl A/D map yet but wanted to setup a map with Goldrush with essentially the 2nd stage to be cut out. So two rounds: Stage 1: 2 points, Stage 2: 3 points.

Additionally. I've used Boojum Snark's entity setup to test this setup before recreating myself and have not successfully created positive run through yet.

I'm not sure this setup is even possible as the following happens:
- Stage 1: Runs successfully, round ends and players advance to 2nd round
- Stage 2: Starts, players are in the correct spawns, pl cart has advanced to the correct 1st track placement of the 2nd stage however, the cart begins to roll forward at the top speed through the first two points until it hits the last point before the round even begins and gates go down. The point explodes and the round is not recognized as ending. One additional weird thing - the cart moves/warps all of the hud during this short second round until it explodes.

It's almost as the setup is looking for a 3rd stage. Does anyone know if this is possible or where i might be going wrong?


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May 8, 2010
Are you working on a decompiled version of pl_goldrush then?

If so, there might still be something left in there that references the second round. The most likely suspects would be the second round's team_train_watcher or the first round's final path_track.


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Feb 22, 2014
I'm terrible with payload logic unless I have it right in front of me, so I decided to try making the setup myself. If I had to guess, the problem was the "current CP" of the cart's capture zone (the output sent from the CPs themselves) since that might have caused the cart to go haywire when the CP it was assigned was in a different stage...but I don't know for sure, there's a lot of logic to go through :p


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Aug 19, 2009
Thank you everyone, problem solved. This pretty much fixed all of my last problems with this map. I'm comparing notes currently to killohurtz file to see where I went wrong.

Conclusion: Yes it is possible to do a 2 stage pl map.