Geyser A5

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Geyser A5

Geyser /dinosaur bone themed payload map.

Eventual Theme:
Geyser and dinosaur bone site. Dinosaur bones are currently being held by white brushes as placeholders.

Current Condition: A4
There is only one stage currently but, there will be two once fully complete (2 points on the 1st stage, and three on the 2nd). This version has not been tested so far with live players, so I'm unsure how solid this layout is, at this point. Let me know of any feedback of the layout issues so that I can begin to make improvements.

The map will also be tested on many Friday nights (EST) on this server: but, I would love to join any other servers testing this.


Hey You - Map
Jukebox - Dinosaur Props and Geyser Props
Littleboots - Geyser Sprites and also some Dinosaur bones

I'm back mapping again (after a long dry period) and have decided to finally lay out a map I had sketched out almost four years ago. I felt dinosaur bones and geysers would have also been a good fit in the TF2 universe.

Thanks everyone.
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Latest updates

  1. pl_geyser_a5

    A5 is finally out after months of work. The final/2nd stage was added which includes about 60% new content plus many updates to the first stage. Updates to A5 below: - 2nd/final stage added (two stages, 5 points total.) Map is now complete for...
  2. pl_geyser_a4

    A4 Updates include: -Fixed blue spawn -Cart now heals blue -Windows added to blue spawn and slight changes to spawn -Back red building on 1-2 has been reformed -Long flank hallway changed to feel shorter and more cover - Door added to open after...
  3. pl_geyser_a3

    Chang log: -Added tunnel going from first point to second to Blu's advantage -Added cover to tunnel going to 1-2 to lower snipe lines -Added more space to 1-2 area -Added pipes (brush placeholders) as extra walkway and cover -Made ledges more...