Monster Mash

Monster Mash B3

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Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say
Sep 14, 2008
Monster Mash - Give life back to the pieces of your enemies and fight the monsters you create.

A Halloween player destruction map with mad scientist themes, set in a castle where players must collect buckets of their enemy's spare body parts and bring them to a giant Reanimator at the center of the Nucleus-inspired map. Fight off the monsters the Reanimator coughs back up at you or sit back to take a sip from a potion bottle, the choice is yours.

Made in conjunction with @SedimentarySocks and @fuzzymellow for the Summer 2017 72hr Jam.


Feb 8, 2016
it looks neat! if you added also a boss spawn in the end or something like that that would be awesome!


Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say
Sep 14, 2008
Woops! Did a lot of testing while the Jam section was closed to updates. A lot has changed since A1! Here's what's changed since then:

Alpha 2 - 8/12/2017
- Fixed RED resupply cabinets.
- Increased lighting brightness.
- Updated particles for the Reanimator.
- Fixed visible nodraw above spawn doors.
- Reduced force of knockback on the Reanimator.
- Added some waist-high barriers to parts of mid to reduce mini-sentry effectiveness.
- Added another spawn exit that leads to a new outer route section to mid.
- Widened high balconies looking over mid.
- Removed two spellbooks.
- Fixed lighting on the Reanimator.
- Added a lower escape route around the back of mid.
- Updated visual and audio indicators for capture zone when active.
- Added more signage.
- Fixed Compilepal not properly packing the custom models for the spellbooks and pickups.

Alpha 3 - 8/14/2017
- Artpassed capture zone.
- Removed 2 skeleton spawns from mid.
- Disabled collisions on stone archways.
- Added slight handrails to capture zone.
- Fixed RED players being able to open BLU doors.
- Fixed players being able to fall into the pit, stand on some clipping, and perpetually scream without dying.
- Reduced spellbook count to 2, only available along the line of symmetry.
- Reduced large ammo at mid down to a medium ammo.
- Removed health and ammo from behind barriers on the lower mid zone.
- Turned two sets of medium health and ammo into one on the lower path out of mid near the skeleton gates.
- Reduced two sets of medium ammo to one on the higher path out of mid near the skeleton gates.
- Removed two sets of small ammo near the cliff spell.
- Replaced the Rare Spell effect from the reanimator blast with a Rare Spell overlooking mid that will only spawn when the capture zone is locked and not respawn until the next time it is enabled.
- Turned handrail overlooks from main routes into tall windows.
- Reduced volume of skeleton gates.
- Improved clipping on capture zone.
- Added patches underneath health and ammo.
- Fixed collisions on the operating table.
- Fixed custom particles overriding teleporter particles in maps loaded in the same session.
- Updated placeholder HUD indicators to be more clear.
- Updated particles and materials for the Gib Bucket.

Alpha 4 - 8/16/2017
- Updated model, materials, and particles on the Reanimator shield to make it more clear of a barrier.
- Fixed trigger_pushes not working in the pit.
- Increased light brightness.
- Bridges to the capture zone are now only available when the capture zone is active.
- Fixed players getting stuck in the handrails when blasted out of the Reanimator shield.

Alpha 5 - 8/18/2017
- Removed short wall near the cliff spell.
- Added hole in the floor near the cliff spell that drops down the previously underutilized sewer.
- Removed Skeleton King. Two skeletons still remain.
- Added cover to the capture zone.
- Players who get stuck in the Reanimator field will now die if caught.
- Improved clipping on the spiral staircases.

Alpha 6 - 8/23/2017
- Added func_nobuild to the Sniper nests and mid bridges.
- Changed flow of ramp immediately outside central spawn exits.
- Updated doorways in and out of spawn to flow easier.
- Opened up more of the hallways to cut down on claustrophobic corridor feelings.
- Added glass to the windows by the top central spawn exits, and fixed their clipping.
- Fixed a brushwork gap at mid.
- Added a HUD message for when the capture zone is active.
- Added additional cover to the outer rim of mid.
- Reduced medium ammo to small on the outer paths to the upper mid bridges.
- Improved clipping in death pit.
- Improved lighting on capture zone.
- Added markings to the capture zone.

Alpha 7 - 8/25/2017
- Fixed a resupply cabinet in RED not working.
- Added more cover to the capture zone.
- Revised area beneath the capture zone.
- Replaced medium ammo under the Rare Spell, and medium health in the sewer dropdown spawn with a Common Spell.
- Placed func_nobuild on the Rare Spell spawn.
- Improved clipping on the Reanimator Body.
- Fixed a bug where if a Skeleton spawned in an inconvenient place it would respawn at the map origin instead and get stuck in the capture zone platform.

Read the rest of this update entry...


L3: Member
May 1, 2017
my tf2 crashed when i was playing map on a imp dont know if it had something with it but yhea


Feb 8, 2016
damn! this map is starting to look neat! i am looking forward to playing it!
good job mate.

Smiley the Smile

L2: Junior Member
Dec 11, 2016
Man,I love this map!So much so that I downloaded it,ran around and looked for various bugs,which I've never done before with any maps.
Here's what I've found:

Those railings aren't clipped,so you bounce around while walking on 'em.

Those stairs' change appearance a bit if you move around in that area.

I think that the particle,or whatever it is,that points to the center of the map and shows where to store bodyparts is supposed to be shown all around the map,but it doesn't. In this room for example.If it wasn't supposed to be show everywhere,then ignore those two sentences.

This is the farthest you can jump out of that window as the Scout ad you can still see that that minerette prop is flying in the air.

I think those chains aren't supposed to clip through metal like that in real life.

No one is probably going to see this in-game,but this white smudge is kinda weird.

The trigger on this cabinet is kinda big.I think.

I think those black "holes" should be covered up somehow.

This texture is shiny for some reason and I don't think that it should in this particular case.

The chains look weird.

All goofs aside,this is a great looking map and it will probably look even better when the skybox is added.


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Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say
Sep 14, 2008
Most of your images are broken, so I can't quite tell what most of the feedback is. Can you fix them?

Smiley the Smile

L2: Junior Member
Dec 11, 2016
Sorry for the wait,I didn't have access to my computer.
If it still doesn't work,then I'm even more of an idiot that I think I am.
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Clinically Diagnosed with Small Mapper's Syndrome
May 21, 2009
hey void, just wanted to say that you always make cool maps, and always have in all the 5+ years i've been here. this one is no exception.


Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say
Sep 14, 2008
Big changes compressed into little notes!

- Fixed the pendulums in the Underworld.
- Added 3D Skybox.
- Fixed a few visible nodraw faces.
- Doubled damage dealt in the Underworld.
- Added a small health kit "checkpoint" to the Underworld.
- Fixed a missing resupply sign.
- Added additional spectator cameras.
- Improved soundscape pass.
- Improved lighting pass.
- Improved clipping pass with help from Crash.
- Improved detailing pass.
- Improved asset pass.

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Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say
Sep 14, 2008
Woops. Here's what changed.

- Fixed Pendulums in the Underworld getting caught on non-player objects like Candy Pumpkins.
- Fixed a spawn door on RED being blocked by playerclipping.
- Removed finale kill trigger.
- Updated thumbnail for the Nightmare Before Smissmas community showcase.

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L4: Comfortable Member
Sep 24, 2017
Monster Mash, more like Monster Mash-up-of-things-that-make-a-really-fun-map.

Nah, but this map looks rad as frickenstein's monster.