Monster Mash B1

Give life back to the pieces of your enemies and fight the monsters you create.

  1. Void
    A Halloween player destruction map with mad scientist themes, set in a castle where players must collect buckets of their enemy's spare body parts and bring them to a giant Reanimator at the center of the Nucleus-inspired map. Fight off the monsters the Reanimator coughs back up at you or sit back to take a sip from a potion bottle, the choice is yours.

    Made in conjunction with @SedimentarySocks and @fuzzymellow for the Summer 2017 72hr Jam.

    Alpha 1 - 8/7/2017
    Alpha 2 - 8/12/2017
    Alpha 3 - 8/14/2017
    Alpha 4 - 8/16/2017
    Alpha 5 - 8/18/2017
    Alpha 6 - 8/23/2017
    Alpha 7 - 8/25/2017
    Beta 1 - 10/16/2017


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