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Sweetwater Redux a8

Capture the other team's chocolate bars.

  1. Micnax
    This is a redeveloped version of an older map also called ctf_sweetwater, as commissioned by its creator Left_4_Pillz. It's basically the same concept and story but with improved gameplay!

    Story: Two Heavies each bought 50% percent of the Dalokohs Bar Chocolate Company and have split the factory's storage warehouses down the middle. After working hours, each team plots on stealing the other's bars in efforts to make the other go bankrupt. RED and BLU are pinned against each other, to see who can make who bite the dust (or chocolate bar).

    Gameplay: Capture the other team's flag of secret formula choclate (soon to be a crate of chocolate bars) back to your base three times and bankrupt the other team! Be wary of the water pit through the middle of the map's gorge, and utilise narrow shortcuts and underground passages to make a quick escape!


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