Monster Mash B3

Give life back to the pieces of your enemies and fight the monsters you create.

  1. The One Where Oops, That Door Was Still Blocked

    Woops. Here's what changed.

    - Fixed Pendulums in the Underworld getting caught on non-player objects like Candy Pumpkins.
    - Fixed a spawn door on RED being blocked by playerclipping.
    - Removed finale kill trigger.
    - Updated thumbnail for the Nightmare Before Smissmas community showcase.
  2. The One Where Halloween is Scarily Almost Upon Us

    Big changes compressed into little notes!

    - Fixed the pendulums in the Underworld.
    - Added 3D Skybox.
    - Fixed a few visible nodraw faces.
    - Doubled damage dealt in the Underworld.
    - Added a small health kit "checkpoint" to the Underworld.
    - Fixed a missing resupply sign.
    - Added additional spectator cameras.
    - Improved soundscape pass.
    - Improved lighting pass.
    - Improved clipping pass with help from Crash.
    - Improved detailing pass.
    - Improved asset pass.
  3. The One Where It's Cool Now

    Big update! Artpassed! Beta! Lots of changes! Too many to list! Happy Halloween!


    1. 20171016074829_1.jpg
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    17. 20171016080316_1.jpg
    18. 20171016080341_2.jpg
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    25. 20171016081216_2.jpg
    26. 20171016081324_2.jpg
    27. 20171016081426_1.jpg
    28. 20171016081455_2.jpg
    29. 20171016081551_2.jpg
    30. 20171016081613_1.jpg
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    33. 20171016081858_1.jpg
    34. 20171016081936_2.jpg
    35. 20171016082036_1.jpg
    36. 20171016082049_2.jpg
    37. 20171016082246_2.jpg
    38. 20171016082315_2.jpg
    39. 20171016082535_2.jpg
    40. 20171016082602_5.jpg
    41. 20171016082646_2.jpg
    42. 20171016082757_2.jpg
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  4. The One Where I Ship Another Public Release

    Woops! Did a lot of testing while the Jam section was closed to updates. A lot has changed since A1! Here's what's changed since then:

    Alpha 2 - 8/12/2017
    - Fixed RED resupply cabinets.
    - Increased lighting brightness.
    - Updated particles for the Reanimator.
    - Fixed visible nodraw above spawn doors.
    - Reduced force of knockback on the Reanimator.
    - Added some waist-high barriers to parts of mid to reduce mini-sentry effectiveness.
    - Added another spawn exit that leads to a new outer route...