Arroyo b9_fix1

A fast-paced CTF map that tries to eliminate common CTF downfalls!

  1. Micnax
    General information:
    Previously known as ctf_micnax_72, this is the map I made for the 2012 72 Hour Mapping contest!
    The general plan I was aiming for was to have a Gorge theme based around a small valley with a trainyard, playing much like DoubleCross while avoiding the main problems contributed with Capture The Flag maps.

    Current status:
    I've returned to updating the map again in 2019 after losing the original VMF and have rebuilt it from the ground up. Some parts are slightly different, but it plays very much the same as it used to!

    Contest stats:
    Time allowed: 72 hours
    Time spent: 34 hours 13 mins
    Crashes: 4
    Versions before final: 5
    Original layout:
    Complete build progress video:


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Recent Updates

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  2. Beta 8