CTF Mexico b4

Author: StickZer0

  1. A Boojum Snark

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    Areaportal usage is great, not much more to say on optimization since the map isn't very complex or heavily detailed.

    The overall style seems very disjointed with different kinds of building materials mixed together oddly. Spytech computer strewn about here and there add to this.
    [03] The light beam on the wall light doesn't line up with the fixture.
    [04] There is no way into this room, thematically. There are no doors, just windows and a hole in the floor.
    [05] This shelf is a little ugly since it's made from chunky brushes.
    [07] Computers in bricks... ehhh, doesn't really fit.
    [08] Ugly gap.
    [09] Misplaced bricks.
    [11] Wood needing alignment.
    [12] The wood-with-moss texture doesn't really belong here.

    [06] Need some clipping here.
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  2. Boylee

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    Your image post in the OP appears to be horribly broken Stick.
  3. Bermuda Cake

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    :O oh man xD
  4. StickZer0

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    Oh look who went and released a fourth beta!

    This update fixes a few bugs, most notably the timer never ending and being able to shoot through train carts. It also has a vastly improved 3d skybox, so you don't have to look at horrible yellow hoodoos when idly staring out into the sunset while the enemy team steals your intel.

    There's also a new path which should help with avoiding the spam at mid - go try it out for yourselves! :D
  5. grazr

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    This map is still a sentry fest, and you can get flanked in the base at almost any instant.
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  6. J4CK8

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    Was rather fun that time for me as I actualy managed to leave the spawn building becuase our team controlled the middle. But even when we didn't have the middle, I found it rather easy to take the underground route to get the intel and capture it. The underground route should really be longer if it's going to give you quite a bit of cover as it actualy felt like quite a quick and safe route compared with ground route.

    Badly lit door in RED's tunnel. I also feel the doors don't really fit with the brick walls. The doorway there is just ugly though tbh. It at least needs a doorframe if it is going to have those doors:


    These windows...not sure whether it's just becuase I'm on a different PC with lower setiings in tf2, but it looks odd looking right through it. They are also pretty big: