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  • Hey ABS, I remember in a mini detail contest entry you made a while back, you used a dusty-smoky atmosphere to cover up the transition into skybox. I'd really like it if you could give me the texture you used to make that effect, assuming it was custom.
    If you don't exactly remember it, the map was in a skyward looking base with a helipad and some rockets at the pinnacle.
    Hi Boojum,
    Im trying to download your ultimate mapping resource pack, but it's not working. Is it an outdated link?
    I quote: "Read the most recent posts in the pack topic"
    Hey ABS,

    I was wondering if you could give some input on a thread of mine relating to a map I might begin soon (http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=23798). It's pretty ambitious and crazy, and I think you're the experienced push I need to get ideas flowing. I also want to take this time to thank you for your amazing, ever-useful pack! You deserve all the thanks in the world.

    Happy mapping,
    I would like to create a map based on a real place, the Castle of Milazzo, in Italy.
    It is not a big map, I have documentation and pictures.
    My objective is allow visitor to play TF2 in the castle.
    I totally suck in this kind of stuff, I would pay to get the job done, but I need to know how much should
    I offer to make a decent offer.

    Can please you advice me ?

    Can you tell me exactly how to incorporate HHH, Merasmus and Monoculous in to the map properly? I used to be able to do it, but now I've forgotten how and your reply on the forum didn't really help much :/
    Hey I'm just wondering if you could put together a prefab or update the game type library to include linear 3 cp a/d (like Mann manor). If you can't prefab it or put it in library could you tell me a place where I could find it?

    Much appreciated.
    Now that you stepped down as a mod, are you still to continue the Ultimate Map Pack?

    EDIT: Thanks for answering. Should of know better than to heard out rumors in the chat.
    Just realized that the kirby in your sig is holding a hammer

    God I'm stupid
    for your TF2 resource pack, in the next one would you please be able to include CTF Keep-Away? its a 1 way version of ctf mixed with capture point, thanks!
    I know you're already getting spammed hard with thanks, but I wanted you to know that your pack is the reason I joined this site.
    Just wanted to thank you sincerely for your Toolkits for Hammer. A long time admirer of mapping, I finally have time on my hands and can begin to learn. Taking apart your prefabs and examining entities - as well as the convenience of quick concept testing, has been Hugely helpful. I'm now well on the way to understanding the whole process and this is in no small part down to you (and the valve dev wiki ;) Top work! Now time for me to spend more time here. Will post my first releasable project once it's out of alpha 8)
    Thank you soo much for the pack! You were the one that got me mapping and I am now almost done on my first map, and without your pack, it wouldn't have been done!
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