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Nov 25, 2017

This thread is for submissions only!
Please only post your map submission in this thread. All questions, comments and general discussion is to be directed to the main thread. Deadline is March 16th, 2018.

Your submission should include
  • Map name
  • name of author(s)
  • Preferred method of being contacted (link to a steam profile will suffice)
  • A download link to the map
You are allowed to update your map after submitting it, and since I plan to create events for the purpose of testing your maps I recommend submitting your map as soon as you have a playable version.

Please only make one post containing all of the relevant information. You are allowed to put pictures, description and so on in your post to make it look good. Any new versions of your map should simply be added to the already existing post.
The idea is to make this thread a convenient overview of all the submitted maps with zero clutter, so please only add your submission to this thread and direct all other discussion to the main thread.

Contest rules
1. Each contestant can only submit one map. If several people collaborate on a map they can only be involved in that one map.

2. The map must be an original creation that has never been used in ETF2L, ESEA, OZFortress or UGC before. The map must be a koth or 5cp map. You cannot Submit a pro version of a map that is currently or was previously used in any of the listed leagues, no matter how old the map is. Want to make a pro version of cp_mainline or koth_ashville? Too bad, not allowed. Have you worked on a map for a while but it has still not been accepted into any league? These entries are allowed.

3. The map must be submitted to the official competition submission thread before March 16th, 2018. You are allowed to update your map after submitting it, so don't be afraid to add your submission early.

4. Three maps will be picked out after the submission deadline by a panel (or in worst case, Beater), and these three maps will be used in a 6v6 tournament. The team captains of all participating teams will vote for their favorite maps, and this will determine the final winner of the map competition. If shit hits the fan and everything goes horribly wrong, Beater will pick out all the winners.

I can't wait to see your creations!
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Nov 6, 2011
cp_cardinal_b3, by Phi

This map has not been in any leagues yet (as far as I am aware) as it has recently had infrequent updating due to my active work on Reckoner and my university studies. However, it continues to be tested and iterated on, and will receive more frequent updates in the near future.

TF2M Thread | Thread | Download | Contact



Mar 30, 2014
by hutty
Mist is a new 5cp map with a somewhat traditional setup.


Discord: hutty#2647

beta 2:
beta 2a:

--- UPDATES ---
1/3/18 : Released the A2 update to fix some issues that became apparent in the first playtest. (one of the forward spawns wasn't working and is also fixed as well)
1/3/18(later): Released A2a, compiled with better settings and fixed a minor overlay issue.
1/7/18 Released A3, this version doesn't have the feedback from the stream taking into account yet, ill put that into the next release. Regardless, I closed off a couple uneeded routes, and clipped off the area near spawn
1/9/18 Released A4, major fixes made from the feedback of the twitch stream, although the over-all layout hasn't changed too much
1/10/18 Released A4a, added ammo packs to mid, fixed a displacement, and fixed the deathpit death triggers
1/12/18 Released A5,Opened up the Base to B point to make it outdoors and more of a fight space, along with a few other changes.
1/16/18 Released A6, Minor tweaks were not working so this version brings in some rather large changes. Most notably, I made a new mid, removed the deathpit, and put a dome on A point.
1/27/18 Released A7, I scrapped the mid from A6 and built a different one. I also made some changes to upper to prevent soldiers from camping mid from there too easily.
2/17/18 Released A8, I closed off the lower connection from last to mid, so non-jumpers will need to go through B. I also polished mid a bit, relocated the forwardest forward spawns to a better place, and started the detail pass near spawn. The delay between this and A7 is mostly due to the TF2maps test servers being down for about a week.
2/19/18 Released A9, I added a spawn exit leading directly to the top area near last, as well as a few other changes to make it more difficult for the attacking team to control the area.
2/22/18 Released A10, It has the same layout as A9 but with the visuals vastly improved. Its not a fully detailed map yet but there should be fewer dev textures and better lighting/hdr.
2/24/18 Released A11, I updated the main mid to B route to make rotations take a little bit longer.
2/24/18 (later) Released A11a, fixed some assets that didn't pack into A11
3/3/18 Released A12, many changes, I moved the dome from last to 2nd and mid is much larger, among other things.
3/4/18 Released A13, fixed a bunch of issues, and improved the new mid alot
3/8/18 Released A14, improved a few areas of the map, especially the areas between mid and 2nd.
3/14/18 Released B1, this includes a half finished detail pass, way bigger skyboxes (fixes most of the visual bugs when looking at the tops of buildings, and adds some hasty optimization and soundscapes. Because the layout improvements are relatively minor and the above things could cause issues, I left a link to the older download above, if it is needed.
Layout wise, I added a branch to the vents that reaches to the main choke, the area between upper and mid has been improved so the jump is less awkward, added some cover to mid, and improved last a little bit.

3/15/18 Released B2, the detailing is more refined and things like healthpatches, soundscapes, and cubemaps are now properly implemented. This is the version I am submitting for the contest.

3/17/18 Released B2a, I don't know what your policy on post deadline patches is, so I left a link to B2 just in case. I widened the gap between midpoint and the highground pillars so a sniper can't jump up there. I also fixed some clipping issues, see the thread for full details.
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Aug 14, 2009
CP Antiquity

I was hoping to make some changes to 2nd before submitting because pushing out of lobby is annoying but I'm too busy with work, so putting this version out there for now.

Primary Authors: EArkham, Vhalin

Contact: Respond to discussion thread or PM here on the forums before adding on steam




Mess About

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Jan 16, 2017
Name: koth_pain_a5
Author: Messing Around

Contact: or
Map page:

Maybe i will just post this screenshot

updated to a2, improved mid
updated to a3, some changes
updated to a4, lot of changes
updated to a5, even more changes
updated to a6, different layout

I have updated the map to a6, but this is after the deadline, I just hope you take this version instead, but I still put on a link to the a5 version
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