ClearCut B8_2

A small, fast paced alpine themed KotH map.

  1. SturmTrpr
    Balanced A Little More - B8
    ...No More Hangups.

    The map got some much need attention with this version, as several issues stemming from snipers to clipping error were looked over. Major changes to certain aspects were made but overall not overdone. Hopefully this can be considered on the precipice of rc1.

    Change log:

    -Changed the slope of the sheds near point in order to make it easier to fight enemies that are using it.

    -The ground has been raised on the right side choke to also help with pushes.

    -Changed around the courtyard outside of initial transitions to better fit the change.

    -Removed the conveyor belt that made jumps more difficult on the right side. A new one was made right around the corner.​

    Change log:

    -Changed health packs in flank to be small instead to make it more punishing to hide in flank.

    -Added fencing along top of a roof to stop players from attempting to walk on it when they aren't allowed to.

    -Removed props that carried over from a previous version that are no longer necessary.​

    Change log:

    -The left side area between pulp and low crane is not blocked off, taking its place is now the path through low crane which has been restructured to be easier to use and just as quick. This change should benefit players who are avoiding spam.

    -The main house on either side of the point has a new interior and no longer leads to the roof. There is a door to the staircase shed next to it. This has created a flank on the map, but I have done my best to insure that you can see someone using it. The interior now supports a medium kit replacing the two small kits now that the rooms are joined.

    -The shed closet to the point in front of the main house is now closed off and no longer has its drop down. Again this will stop snipers and spam.

    -The left side transition has been changed to work better with the low crane path, effectively removing a ridiculous sniper sight line. The interior is now once again connected to the mid transition although with a crouch jump instead.

    -The right side transition now has a crouch jump up to the higher path.

    -The mid point now has crates on opposite sides of the point. This gives a little bit of cover to those attacking and defending.

    -The ground leading up to the point has been changed to no longer be a deck and staircase. It is now open ground the inclines towards to point.

    -The door leading out of pulp towards the point has been widened to help attackers.

    -Tons of clipping fixes.

    -Displacements adjusted.

    -And as always so many many more, so much so that it's hard to recall. Most are however beneficial and will lead the map to better place.
    What Is ClearCut?:
    ClearCut is a map that has taken the better of 5 years to create. From the start it was called WaterFront which was my first map posted here. Against better judgement I decided to continue working on it and revising it again and again. This has not only taught me more about how I can build off of a pre-existing idea, but how I can also change my approach ever time I come back to it. The changes have been so numerous and different that I could probably consider it a joke to tell people that WaterFront was were this came from. That is all too true funnily enough.


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