ClearCut B3

A small, fast paced alpine themed KotH map.

  1. SturmTrpr
    What Is ClearCut?:
    ClearCut is a map that has taken the better of 4 years to create. From the start it was called WaterFront which was my first map posted here. Against better judgement I decided to continue working on it and revising it again and again. This has not only taught me more about how I can build off of a pre-existing idea, but how I can also changed my approach ever time I come back to it.
    Is This The Correct Way To Do This?:
    Absolutely not, this map was made in a very unconventional way. This map has most likely and undoubtedly suffered from a lack of play testing because of my own perfectionism. I don't expect this map to be an amazing map, but now that its done I can move on to something more conventional. Hopefully my next project won't follow this one's trend.
    Does That Mean You Won't Work On It Anymore?:
    The only reason I will come back to this map is to bug fix, balance change, and add detail. Detail will be added because the skybox and surrounding areas outside boundaries are not done.
    The Rocky Road Update B3
    Major Changes:

    -Added rocks to right side stairs to provide cover.

    -Changed a whole bunch of rocks to create more cover.

    -Enlarged main house lower door to compensate for the choke that the rock previously mentioned created.

    The Actual Rocky Part:
    The map has frame issues. This isn't surprising to those who have played it recently. Unfortunately this won't be an easy fix, huge chunks of detail may have to be scraped in order to optimize frame rates. Buildings need re-working and this is all because of how...

    Here Is Some Images:

    koth_clearcut_b_020001.jpg koth_clearcut_b_020003.jpg koth_clearcut_b_020004.jpg koth_clearcut_b_020005.jpg koth_clearcut_b_020006.jpg koth_clearcut_b_020007.jpg koth_clearcut_b_020008.jpg