ClearCut B13

An alpine themed competitive KoTH map.

  1. SturmTrpr
    Attack > Defend - B13

    To better help attackers before competitive starts, I went ahead and made it easier to push the point. Scouts got more toys for the roofs. Soldiers got more refined clipping to help their rockets. Demo got an easier roll out as well. This will most likely be the last version till the season ends, and I hope it plays well.

    Have fun!

    Change log:

    Main Changes:

    -The right transition leading out of spawn has had its door changed to be taller. The sight blocker has been removed to make roll outs easier. The first ramp has been widened and has had it's clipping more unified.

    -The left transition exit into backyard has been widened to help pushes through it.

    -The porch coming out of right transition has been extended under the building in valley. A fence was put up to block a sight line that could of been created.

    -The crane house has been redone for both sides and includes new clipping as well. This includes new doors out the left side to make it harder for defenders to stuff you before you get through.

    -The height blocker between crane and saw house has been changed to its art passed form and has a smaller hit box on the bottom compared to the old one.

    -Closet has been changed to better help attackers and is open through valley but no longer patio. The door to shed and point has been widened to better help pushes through it.

    -Scout ramps on the patios have been added back to allow pushes up to the enemies roofs again.

    -Removed the fence on balcony. Instead 2 boxes have been placed up against saw house and it should allow the gathering of info more than the fence did.

    -The wall in between crane and closet has been redone to its art passed form and better fits the skybox.

    -The skybox has been completely reworked to fit the environment more snugly. This will hopefully make it easier on older PCs.

    -The piece of wood on the ground next to tower has been removed.

    Clipping and fixes:

    -Clipping has been added to the boxes and wood in saw house to make getting stuck on them harder.

    -Clipping has been adjusted to handle the new porch and door in valley.

    -Fixed players being able to stand on the windows in blu closet.

    -Clipped the box on tower to make rockets more reliable for kills.

    -Fixed the clipping for the wood pile in closet.

    -Added clipping in the sheds to make it more reliable for rockets.

    -Clipped various doors to make walking through smoother.

    -Broken overlays have been fixed.
    What Is ClearCut?:

    ClearCut is a map that has taken the better part of 5 years to create. From the start it was called WaterFront which was my first map posted here. Against better judgement I decided to continue working on it and revising it again and again. This has not only taught me more about how I can build off of a pre-existing idea, but how I can also change my approach every time I come back to it. The changes have been so numerous and different that I could probably consider it a joke at this point. To tell people that WaterFront was the first version, I can hardly believe it myself.

    koth_clearcut_b130000.png koth_clearcut_b130001.png koth_clearcut_b130002.png koth_clearcut_b130003.png koth_clearcut_b130004.png koth_clearcut_b130005.png koth_clearcut_b130006.png koth_clearcut_b130007.png koth_clearcut_b130008.png

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