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ClearCut B15c

An alpine themed competitive KoTH map. Featuring in RGL 6s Season 3.

  1. SturmTea
    Clean Up! - B15
    We want smooth walls!

    This update is focused on reducing even more brushes that can be seen from mid. The update also features the newly art passed buildings and balance changes. Scout now has more routes from his side of the field, but can no longer get on the enemy roof as easily as before from tower. The point and roofs have been lowered to give the high ground less power. I hope that these changes are in the correct direction, and as always my ear is to the ground for feedback. Happy Clear Cuttin'!

    Currently looking forward to seeing Season 3 in RGL; and seeing how the new balance change has affected gameplay. If need be the point will be further tweaked to balance it. I'll be listening to feedback through my usual channels. I have to thank all the players at RGL for giving me the opportunity to have my map played in the league, and for giving me the benefits of a large play group that comes with that. Thank you!

    Down past the patch notes is the callouts for the map.

    Patch - B15c
    Change log:

    Minor Patch:

    -Fixed clipping on Patio ramp and Lawn stairs.

    -Fixed missing overlays that were not present.

    -Changed a handful of textures.

    -Resized some overlays.​

    Patch - B15b
    Change log:

    Minor Patch:

    -Lowered the left side ramp (the one used to get on roof) the same amount the point and roof were lowered in a previous update. Sniper was reported being able to get up there.

    -Fixed the upper half of a valley building not having its clipping.​

    Patch - B15a
    Change log:

    Minor Patch:

    -Fixed a missing barrel in red left transition.

    -Fixed broken detail geometry
    Change log:

    Game Play:

    -The point has been lowered.

    -The roofs were lowered.

    -The house on either side of the point has been lowered.

    -Scout can no longer double jump from the tower ramp to roof.

    -Scout can now jump to roof from the small shed in front of saw house.

    -The ground around the point has been adjusted to fit the new height.

    -The entrance to the left transition building has been opened up more.

    Building Redesigns:

    -The transition buildings on both red and blu have been given their final art pass.

    -The towers at mid have been simplified to help with framerate.

    Clipping fixes:

    -Clipping was adjusted to fit the new buildings.

    Minor changes:

    -The staircase in the left transition building on both sides is now a gravel pile.
    What Is ClearCut?:

    ClearCut is a map that has taken the better part of 5 years to create. From the start it was called WaterFront which was my first map posted here. Against better judgement I decided to continue working on it and revising it again and again. This has not only taught me more about how I can build off of a pre-existing idea, but how I can also change my approach every time I come back to it. The changes have been so numerous and different that I could probably consider it a joke at this point. To tell people that WaterFront was the first version, I can hardly believe it myself.


    koth_clearcut_b15bCallout1.png koth_clearcut_b15bCallout2.png koth_clearcut_b15bCallout3.png


    1. koth_clearcut_b150000.png
    2. koth_clearcut_b150001.png
    3. koth_clearcut_b150002.png
    4. koth_clearcut_b150003.png
    5. koth_clearcut_b150004.png
    6. koth_clearcut_b150005.png
    7. koth_clearcut_b150006.png
    8. koth_clearcut_b150007.png
    9. koth_clearcut_b150008.png
    10. koth_clearcut_b150009.png
    11. koth_clearcut_b150010.png

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