Cardinal rc1a

A 5cp map in a hybrid Frontline theme, focused on height and unique routage.

  1. phi
    Ten-hut! Listen here, maggots, this is the most important duty your entire worthless existence here has ever been a part of! You're going to be fighting against some the scummiest, most detestable, most odorous men I have ever laid eyes and nose on in my life - so you better be even more scummy and odorous than them to win! Our team and our team only can own this base! Not even I know why we're here, but it looks expensive, and if it's worth something to them, then it's worth something to us!

    Tanks? You're asking why we're not using the tanks? Son, if I had an answer to that, I'd know how to drive one. Get out there already!


    Cardinal is a 5cp control point map taking place across a large military base "disguised" as a commercial agency in a rural town. Positioned in a tactically advanced position with nods to Cold War preparation and protection, only one team can own this base - and you'd best hope it's yours!

    Focusing around height differences, unusual route arrangements, and a unique layout, Cardinal is a lot of concepts you're simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar with - creating a distinctly novel gameplay experience.

    Help provided from:
    The Frontline Team, for assets and creative direction
    Dr. Spud, for ivy models
    UEAKCrash, for creative direction
    saam, for testing assistance


    Any and all testing is appreciated and considered for feedback. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ACQUIRE PERMISSION TO TEST THIS MAP.


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Recent Updates

  1. Small bug fixes
  2. Release Candidate 1
  3. Updates, updates, updates