Cardinal rc1a

A 5cp map in a European village, focused on height and unique routage.

  1. phi
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    Ten-hut! Listen here, maggots, this is the most important duty your entire worthless existence here has ever been a part of! You're going to be fighting against some the scummiest, smelliest men I have ever laid eyes and nose on - so you better be even more scummy and smelly to win! Our team and our team only can own this base! Not even I know what we're defending, but it looks expensive... and if it's worth something to them, it's worth something to us!


    Focusing around height differences, unusual route arrangements, and a unique layout, Cardinal is a lot of concepts you're simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar with - creating a distinctly novel gameplay experience.

    Thanks to:
    Dr. Spud, for ivy models



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