Mappers Vs Machines: Public Scoring Thread

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  1. Clickin

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    Positive Ratings:
    All playtests are based on above intermediate difficulty. My scoring after played all maps.
    5 is "just normal, not so bad, not also good."

    MAPS Layout Aesthetics Creativity Popfiles
    Affinity 6 5 5 2
    Airdrop 5 4 9 6
    Barren 6 5 5 9
    Calico 4 5 6 4
    Dockyard 5 6 6 8
    Factory 3 3 10 3
    Fiori 3 3 5 1
    Havana 6 7 5 4
    Kelly 5 5 9 7
    Relic 5 2 7 4
    Seabed 6 10 7 4
    Sequoia 7 8 7 7
    Spacepost 5 9 8 7
    Steep 10 9 6 7
    Teien 7 10 7 2
    Waterfront 5 7 9 6

    Only talking about 3< score.
    Bad Engilsh :3


    - Popfiles (2)
    Robots can't attack us. this is probably due to poor-designed nav. not the problem popfile itself.
    But that problem is huge at the point difficulty is dramaticaly reduced.
    I can say popfile itself is well balanced for intermediate - i just wonder why you rushed nav.


    - Popfiles (1)

    Not like affinity, it probably has both map problem and difficulty problem.
    first advanced is not fit for its difficulty, and wave 2 is too hard for unintended reason (expert heavies are more powerful then you think)
    they uses wrong way, and often stuck in spawn point.


    - Aesthetics (2)

    Dev textures are everywhere. I know this is "alpha" state - but it's painful to watch.


    - Popfiles (2)


    But expert's squad/robot placement is unique and good.
    as a popfile maker, i think you should nerf OP robots (like sakura soldier) and give more money, and replace supports.
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  2. Da Spud Lord

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    Positive Ratings:
    Will get updated as I play more maps, until the voting period ends. BTW, when does the voting period end?

    MAPS Layout Aesthetics Creativity Popfiles
    Affinity 5 7 6 5
    Airdrop 4 4 7 7
    Barren - - - -
    Calico - - - -
    Dockyard - - - -
    Factory - - - -
    Fiori - - - -
    Havana 6 8 5 6
    Kelly - - - -
    Relic - - - -
    Seabed 6 9 8 5
    Sequoia - - - -
    Spacepost 5 8 8 7
    Steep - - - -
    Teien - - - -
    Waterfront 6 9 7 7

    Now although I have downloaded and opened every map on this list, I am only judging the ones which I got a chance to play with a normal team on the MvM server. I played each of these maps normally at least once, and then went into a listen server so I could gather my thoughts.


    This map is a sad story of what could be. I remember downloading the original A2 and liking it. I thought the underwater theme would be really creative and cool- it made me want to do an underwater map. Then I forgot about it until the contest ended and I downloaded it so I could start judging. I started by testing Affinity solo. I was surprised, and slightly disappointed, to discover this map had become a Mayann map. But the Mayann theme looked like it was fitting well, even if it could be polished a bit more. Or maybe I'm just easily impressed, Idk. Anyway, I readied up.

    And when the bots came out, they completely ignored me. I had to check that I hadn't set the cvar "nb_blind" to 1 (it makes bots ignore you). After I easily beat the wave, I thought that maybe the mapper didn't do a nav_analyze on the navmesh, so I opened the nav editor, and discovered large chunks of the navmesh had been deleted. Presumably the mapper wanted bots to stay out of those areas. However, this was problematic for a few reasons. Spies, snipers, and most importantly, sentry busters now couldn't get to those areas. With sentry busters, it's especially problematic as a sentry in one of these areas is totally immune to sentry busting. In the future, I recommend using func_nav_avoid with the tags set to "common". Even with a proper navmesh, there were still problems. A few of the doorways were too small for a sentry buster to get through, so sentry busters would get stuck on them and would never reach my sentry. There's nothing to indicate that the forward upgrade station was disabled during a wave. And I discovered a spot where I could build my sentry where it would be impossible for sentry busters to reach.

    The normal mission is a mixed grab bag of waves. The first wave seemed too difficult to be the first wave of a normal mission, meanwhile other waves were ez-pz. I never got to play the intermediate mission, but at a glance it seems fine for intermediate.


    This one was underwhelming. When I first saw this map and it's concept of having robots parachuting out of the sky, I thought it would be great and creative. But raining robots are about the only thing it's got going for it. The layout is boring and wide open, the detailing is mediocre, and the bomb paths are straight-shots down long, open streets. Sometimes robots avoid the bomb, which is weird and annoying, especially when I'm near the end of a wave and I have to roam around to find the last 2 combat medics. I'm guessing you used the "push" behavior on some of them.


    It's good. Detailing is good, the bell ringing when being shot is a neat easter egg. I don't have much to say.


    Excellent detailing. The layout is pretty good and compact, however, getting to point B is long and annoying- you should add shortcuts for humans to get to point B from the bomb hatch and from point A. Also, the missions are weird. The first wave of normal is more difficult than the rest. The normal mission only has 4 waves, while the advanced one has 2 waves.


    More good detailing. The popfiles contain some pretty cool robots. However, the layout is a confusing maze of weirdness.


    It's nice, but also very small. Could do with some more defensive positions along each route. On the advanced mission (I didn't play the normal one), you need to be really good at endurance, because the small size and short routes really punish losing a defensive hold. The detailing is great.
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  3. Muddy

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    Positive Ratings:
    MAPS Layout Aesthetics Creativity Popfiles
    Affinity xx xx xx xx
    Airdrop 4 5 6 6
    Barren xx xx xx xx
    Calico 6 6 5 6
    Dockyard 7 7 7 7
    Factory 2 3 7 6
    Fiori 7 6 6 6
    Kelly 7 7 8 6
    Relic xx xx xx xx
    Seabed 3 5 6 4
    Sequoia 7 9 8 7
    Spacepost 4 7 7 3
    Steep xx xx xx xx
    Teien 8 9 7 7
    Waterfront 6 9 7 6

    No detailed notes atm, too busy
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  4. LeSwordfish

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    As I mentioned in the other thread, public voting will close in one week! Get those scores in!
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