KotH landgrab a1

If you like this map go to jail.

  1. vanSulli

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    landgrab - If you like this map go to jail.

    Each new version will make this map worse.
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  2. Idolon

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    this is the most threatening aura ive ever gotten from a map thread
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  3. Asd417

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    Purely speculative feedbacks. I recommend you send this map to testing as it is but just want to give my feedback.

    The room in the middle with the glasses serve little to no good purposes as the door into mid only provides marginally closer approach compared to the straight route. It does however allow overpowered flank route that allows players to flank the entire team. The room has a stairway on to the second floor but it doesn't seem too useful since the height advantage is limited to the door to the mid.

    Ledge in mid looks walkable but it has clipping on it so I can't walk on it

    Spawn has only one exit and the distance from the point to spawn is not that far either so I imagine that it's not going to be hard to spawncamp as a demo arriving at a good time.

    I think I dont have to go to jail but we'll see how this map goes