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KotH klondike

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by leprecan, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. leprecan

    leprecan L2: Junior Member

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    First try at making a TF2 map, somewhat generic starting off, but will be designed with game theme in mind in following iterations.

    Started with the idea of having a mixed wide and long map with a deathpit on the side just for fun.

    Basic King of the Hill using standard ruleset.
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  2. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Guest

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    Well, I have gone around this map a decent amount on my own, all I can say is its interesting but very soldier friendly.

    There are a lot of skip jumps and roll outs that get to into amazing positions in under 5 seconds of the round starting, just be careful about that. Also, the point is surrounded by highground that only jumping classes can access, you need to make sure you give none jumping classes have some game play elements to use or it will just become jumping classes vs jumping classes and a fight for all the highground.

    Its a good start just keep in mind what I said above :D
  3. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    Looks interesting. First impressions from screenshots:

    - Lighting is bland and kinda dark. I wouldn't really expect you to have a good lighting setup right now, but keep in mind that the environment lighting is a lot darker than average, and can do a surprising amount in regards to player recognition. In other words, darker maps make it harder for people to recognize other players as friend or foe at a glance.

    - It doesn't look horribly offscaled like some other maps, but TF2 generally follows the rule that major paths are much wider than minor paths. Large minor paths tend to make the major areas lose focus. It's a weird bit of player psychology, and not always useful, but just keep it in mind when making future versions.
  4. Terwonick

    Terwonick L6: Sharp Member

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    just nit-picky, but the skins for the computer consoles in that last photo are wrong for the blu side (I think it'll be skin set to 3 for the blu rusted one)
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