Help designing a map

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Octop37 #teampyro

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Jul 12, 2016
I have started my first mapping project and I am having some difficulty designing the layout of my map to be playable in a tf2 style. I don't need much cosmetic advice at this point because it is just in its most early stages. Any help would be appreciated greatly.


  • koth_white.bsp
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Jul 22, 2016
Is this map playable? If I would recommend to upload it for a test session, just go into the tf2maps groupchat and register it for the next session

<Map Name> <DownloadURL> <notes> Adds the map and download url to the map list, a download URL is required even if the map is already uploaded to the servers, and everything after will be added as notes, if your map is over 50mb please specify this in the notes



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Jul 22, 2016
And please make a download out of this, as it is better to find and you could upload some screnshots too ^^


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Dec 20, 2015
Okay, so here are some things I noticed while running around your map.
-No lights.
-No Resupply Cabinets.
-No Health/Ammo Kits.
-Large sightlines,
(One of many long sightlines into spawn)
-No Team Colours on each side of the map (Red / Blue)

Here's some of my Opinions.

-In general, the map feels overscaled, there's many places you can take fall damage from very easily.
-These blocks are hard to get up and I think It would benefit the map if they were easier to get up. (If you're not keen on using stairs or a ramp I'd recommend something similar to the prop ramp on mvm_mannhatten)
-I found I ran into the wrong side of this door many times.
-You spawn facing a wall, not in the direction of any exits.
-For such a small room, the Capture Zone is tiny.
(Not capping at this point)
-This balcony above the spawn door serves no obvious purpose other than to help spawn campers.
(Clip it off or delete it maybe)

So, there's what I think, sorry if I sound too harsh.
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Octop37 #teampyro

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Jul 12, 2016
That is where I have learned most of the mapping related things I know, but his tutorial series isn't done and hasn't covered everything a beginning mapper need to know imo


Dec 6, 2014
It went over the lighting basics, how-to-KOTH, some gameplay theory, the whole lot.