1. Foxo

    Help with making a 3CP A/D map layout

    Heya! I'm working on a 3CP Attack/Defend map but I'm struggling to work out the layout, I have a few ideas written down but I'm not sure how to connect them together. The map is based in a nature park where a majority of the map is played on treehouses and huts hanging from trees with bridges...
  2. Viliam

    Elevation 4

    i died
  3. Sonoma

    Looking for a collaborator for my Pyroland themed map Candyland

    I'm looking for someone to help collaborate on making a layout for my Pyroland themed multi-stage payload map (Candyland), I'm currently iterating on the 1st stage, but I am struggling to come up with the layout for the next two stages. This is an unexplored theme, and it is a huge undertaking...
  4. Stack Man

    Time Attack! - Unofficial Layout Contest

    Custom Game Mode? ✓ "Bite-Sized" Arenas? ✓ Unofficial? ✓ Yep, It's Mappin' Time RULES/INFO - SUBMISSION - PREFAB You are tasked with creating one or more "arena"s for "Time Attack", a custom game mode developed for the 23rd Microcontest "Timer Attack". In "Time Attack" both teams fight over a...
  5. Asd417

    [GUIDE] Health Pack, Ammo, and Layout

    For summer 2022 72hr jam, I want to talk about recommended placement of pickups because the old thread has broken image links and I want to expand on it as well. I intend that this guide be for beginners however I also introduce an advanced use of pickup. Small Pickups In most cases these will...
  6. NachoBIT


    So, this is my first TF2 map! So, a lot of people said that i should start by grabbing a map and add fix the parts that you don't like a lot. So that's what i did! I looked at servers that only have what's called "Orange Maps" that are just maps with dev textures and they only focus on...
  7. Un1dent1fied

    koth_towers a9

    Textures are temporary This is my first TF2 map after mapping a bit on CS:GO, so there is a high chance this map is garbage, but hey, i tried. Currently, It's only brushes, game logic, spawn rooms etc. All the areas you are not supposed to go are clipped off. This map might be sniper hell, but...
  8. Sunnexo

    koth_sunnyworks a2

    My very first layout after I understood the basics of Hammer. I'm still really bad at map design so criticism and feedback is welcome!
  9. chuckster

    Designing a KOTH map, unsure of main point area.

    [not to scale] This is the main warehouse my KOTH point is located in. The red and blue squares are cargo crates and there are 2 stacked on top of each other. The orange lines are doorways and the grey circle is the CP. I am reworking the rest of the map but I was unsure about the point area...
  10. nickybakes

    Use of Open Areas, "Calm Spots," and Other Mapping Advice

    I made a post with some advice about what I consider to make maps "fun" in this thread here. @Asd417 recommended that I should post a thread about it so more people can see it and be informed, so here it is. I know I'm not the best mapper, but here is some general pointers I can think of that...
  11. Moonfixer

    The layout of interior spaces

    After receiving feedback from my map in a couple imps, I got several comments saying that the connection between the points was maze like. I understood the criticism and I knew it would be a complaint but I was unsure how to streamline the routes without it being straight lines, and therefore...
  12. Octop37 #teampyro

    Help designing a map

    I have started my first mapping project and I am having some difficulty designing the layout of my map to be playable in a tf2 style. I don't need much cosmetic advice at this point because it is just in its most early stages. Any help would be appreciated greatly.
  13. Dr.crazy

    respawn combat center beta1 .5

    arena_respawn_combat_center is highly vertical map with very little detail (just some textures that will more then likely be replaced) I'm looking for feedback on the layout so I can start making it look pretty so any advice is appreciated. The map uses the "arena respawn" rules without the need...
  14. Joshenkstone

    What do you guys think of the KOTH_nucleus layout.

    I would like to hear your guys opinion of the KOTH nucleus layout. I would also like to hear what you guys think are the pro's and con's of the map layout because i am thinking of makin' a map with the layout, and if i know the con's i can try to fix them. Anyways i am gonna be playing nucleus...
  15. Simulacron

    Map layout problems

    I have a question: In which part of the mapping progress your layout becomes really "good"? I submit two of my maps to the gamedays, but the first one was to open for snipers (pl_timberbridge [Deleted]), so I gave up on it. My second one was a small koth map (koth_canyon), in this map I tried...
  16. Illius

    When is a Good Time to Start Getting Feedback for Maps?

    So I have been working on my first map, and I'm about halfway done the physical portion (not much detailing yet, mostly just layouts, with reserved areas for pickups and such) of it, and it's a Payload Map (Plan is 4 point single stage map), and I was wondering... when should I look to start...