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  1. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] Navigating the Secret Dynamics of Single-Stage Payload

    So, you want to make a Payload map. And if you're anything like me when I was making my first maps, you also want to follow the classic "RED and BLU get one set of spawns to attack/defend A and B, then when B is captured they get new spawns to attack/defend C and D" formula. I find this formula...
  2. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] What makes a good KOTH map?

    All gamemodes in TF2 benefit from having some back-and-forth gameplay. In Attack/Defense, points which just involve one hold spot are severely flawed, because they either let BLU take the point after only one successful push, or RED respawns so fast that they're able to come back to the point...
  3. nekomaster1000

    What new aesthetics should TF2 introduce?

    After having looked through every theme extensively, we currently have: Orange Badlands (Feat. RED wood and BLU metal/concrete buildings) Power Plants/Satellite Stations 60s Spy-bases Forest Lumberyards Fall Farms Snowy Bases (& Aliens!) Rainy Bases (& Buzzsaws!) Humid Jungles Autumn Night...
  4. ethosaur

    Are downwards based payload maps, bad design?

    I've started working on a new payload map after a few years of not making a tf2 map, it was going pretty good, but I realized halfway through, that I had designed the map to be in a constant downwards slope. Looking back at all other payload maps, payload carts rarely dip down, aside from a few...
  5. Hoovy Wepons guy

    uh, need help.

    Here's the thing, I know how to map ok, and I can, but I have no idea how to design a map at all. so yeah how do you and i know this is probably a hard question to answer in the first place. maps I want to do are koth_, 5cp's and pl_ eventually.
  6. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] Class Balance through Geometry

    Have you ever wondered why you (probably) have more fun playing Upward than Goldrush? It's because TF2 is a class-based team shooter, which offers nine classes with different playstyles, letting you switch off your class to another, equally fun one when you stop having fun with the class you...
  7. Tick Magnet

    What we can learn from Mercenary Park.

    I'm currently looking at official maps in TF2 to learn about game play flow and design. I've decided to start out with Mercenary Park, because in my group of friends it is considered one of the worst maps to be added to the game, (up there with Dustbowl and Turbine.) The map swings heavily in...
  8. RetroNuva10

    A/D BLU Spawnroom Question

    Are there any official A/D maps in the game where BLU's first spawnroom is disconnected? (Like 2Fort's, where it has two separate parts) The way my BLU start is set up would complement doing this, but it may cause frustration from the two halves of the team not being accessible to eachother.
  9. Lokk iz a skul

    How do I make a block emit light?

    I'm making a lava pit in a map that I'm working on. However, I can't for the life of me find out a way to make the lava itself emit light. (The lava being a block with a lava texture) How can I/can I make it emit light without using a separate light source?
  10. Atasco

    Design Questions

    Hello again! I've made like seven maps and all of them are trash, but I guess that's the learning process. I'm coming back to them, but once I realize it's going pear-shaped I kind of jump to another design until I know I can fix it. All of them are like, a1 and pre-a1 so it's nothing you're...
  11. Asd417

    [Video Resource] MvM Map Design and Doom 2016

    I found this video and I thought there are things mvm mappers could potentially take away from this. Obvisouly this is Doom, a single player fps, not a multiplayer coop fps. But what this video has to say about fps combat, it is intriguing. Both MvM and Doom puts heavy emphasis on fps combat...
  12. Nicky

    Use of Open Areas, "Calm Spots," and Other Mapping Advice

    I made a post with some advice about what I consider to make maps "fun" in this thread here. @Asd417 recommended that I should post a thread about it so more people can see it and be informed, so here it is. I know I'm not the best mapper, but here is some general pointers I can think of that...
  13. Octop37 #teampyro

    Help designing a map

    I have started my first mapping project and I am having some difficulty designing the layout of my map to be playable in a tf2 style. I don't need much cosmetic advice at this point because it is just in its most early stages. Any help would be appreciated greatly.
  14. dryerlint

    Thoughts and suggestions for this KOTH map concept?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I finished a basic layout design of my KOTH map. I just wanted to see if there were any big issues with the concept, before I start working in Hammer. The concept... "art" is attached It's basically just a small KOTH map with 3 levels...
  15. Illius

    When is a Good Time to Start Getting Feedback for Maps?

    So I have been working on my first map, and I'm about halfway done the physical portion (not much detailing yet, mostly just layouts, with reserved areas for pickups and such) of it, and it's a Payload Map (Plan is 4 point single stage map), and I was wondering... when should I look to start...
  16. Tezemi

    Order of Operation

    This isn't really a question about an issue I'm having, so sorry if it's in the wrong place. My question is, what order do you normally complete tasks in the map design process? Do you normally design a map on paper, and then create it in hammer, or do just start mapping and see what comes out...