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KotH Hangar b9

We've got a flight to catch!

  1. Uncuepa

    aa Uncuepa

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    Baggage Carousel


    400hu x 496hu x 96hu

    Inspiration: The final carousel ideally would have the plated design of real carousel's, with a more rounded look and its own unique textures.


    Big Plane



    1536hu x 1600hu x 576hu

    Inspiration: The plane is supposed to be a Martin 404, a popular regional liner from the 70s. (Yes I know its meant to load and unload from the rear, not the sides, creative license?)


    Baggage Handler


    ~750hu x ~128hu x 96hu (Varies due to the snaking of the trailers)

    Inspiration: Small baggage trains seen at small airports. They're cute, look fun to drive, and take up a reasonable amount of space for an invisible wall.

    Doesn't he look like he's having fun?



    No brushwork counterpart currently exists for the windsock, but theyre part of the airport identity. This model would be the most difficult to complete, requiring animation for the sock. A simple snaking and swaying would do, but ideally it could be wind-simmed with a little creativity to make this little piece of airport lovability just that little bit cooler.
  2. worMatty

    aa worMatty Repacking Evangelist

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    Hi, Uncuepa.

    Some thoughts on the images you posted to your Twitter.

    The white cladding that covers most of the interior walls doesn't look clean enough to be in the lounge of a private airfield. I suggest smoothing out the blemishes/dirt and making the dividing lines a bit cleaner. Consider merging the two rectangular 'tiles' in to one square tile to make everything above the eyeline simpler and provide something different to the player's expectations since that material is used a lot. If you're worried about losing 'texture', then consider adding bolt holes in to each corner of the tile. Try to eradicate small tiles created by irregular wall widths.

    The dark green tiles at the bottom of the walls look like they're designed to be wipe-clean in an area that gets dirty a lot. I suggest replacing them with something flat and solid. Perhaps carpet with a detail texture that makes it look like corduroy?

    Toughened security glass on windows works in a place like a school, hospital or other secure facility but it lessens the premium feel in luxurious places. If you're worried about players getting confused about whether or not something is a window, think about alternative methods of marking the glass that fit with the style. Some examples are engraved dots, tinting, or decals. You can use a masking texture in the glass material to ensure those additions don't reflect anything, which will help them stand out and look more realistic.

    The white floor tile texture looks too cheap, to me. I'd look at ways to make it look more expensive, such as doubling the size of the tiles, making them a bit shiny (but not disruptively so), softening the contrast between the base white-grey colour and the white splodges or increasing their density, or replacing the tiles with a kind of natural material such as granite or stone. You could also try converting the floor in to a prop and using phong shading for prettier, more sparkly reflections of lights rather than cubemaps which tend to make things look like a mirror, and can look ugly when a refraction texture is thrown in the mix.

    The material on the balcony window that's not open for snipers looks mucky and doesn't match with the other windows. I understand you want to make it obvious that it's not accessible and that the other one is open so I suggest the following alternatives: If you used some decals on your other windows, use them here as well (e.g. A line going all the way around the edges), use a very reflective material for the exterior face of the glass, make the open window look inhabited or well-used by placing props near it (like a blanket over the broken shards of glass), convert it in to a prop and use the fresnel effect to alter its reflection the further away the player is (you'll have to experiment with that one).

    Small stuff:
    * The metal trim around the edges of the balcony parts looks too rough. I'm not sure why those balconies are accessible to guests anyway but hey it's a TF2 map.
    * The interior trim of door frames uses a metal beam material which looks out of place in this environment.
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  3. Eddie himself

    Eddie himself L1: Registered

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    Gnarly map! I can forgive the exterior of the plane, but the interior reminds me of a dream and it instills in me existential dread. Other than that good map 9/10.
  4. Midlou

    Midlou L3: Member

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    I want dat airplane with textures BOI... WHERE'S MY AIRPLANE WITH TEXTURES?

    Anyway great map, when airplane with textures? :c