Hammer crashes when loading a map [RESOLVED]

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Feb 8, 2017
It's not a real map, and I have a semi-recent backup, so it's not the end of the world if I can't get it back. But I'd like to try.

What I was making was a library of all the SFM props. I got the full pack from MaxofS2D, and was going alphabetically through of all the props, deleting all of the ones that cause hammer to crash instantly. Like crossing a minefield with an army of clones! Anyway, somewhere along the way the map lost the ability to be opened. When I try, hammer crashes after a few seconds of trying, and an access violation .mdmp file is created.

Any ways I could get it back running?

I was able to restore the map by loading it up in notepad and deleting props until it worked. I knew that you could do this, but I pretty much just got lucky and while deleting props that I knew were either redundant or had broken textures, I seemed to delete the problem.
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