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  1. Chaos

    Game freezes after selecting class.

    Yeah I have no idea what is wrong. For some reason the game "freezes" (basically crashes), when I choose class. The thing compiles just fine. And when I load ingame everything runs smoothly, I'm able to choose team. But its only when I select a class that it freezes. I tried undoing some of the...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Crashlands a2

    Crashlands is a zombie defense map where red must survive for 2 minutes and 30 seconds before escaping. Gamemode prefab here:
  3. Meruru

    TF bots crashes (nearly) empty maps

    So in my experience TF bots never crash the game, even if objectives and logic are missing. If objectives are missing, they simply stand there, only attacking whenever they see enemies nearby. I was working on a map, when I noticed that the game crashes every time near the start of a round when...
  4. XEnderFaceX

    VMF Crashes Hammer Editor

    Hey, I Want to reopen an Old Halloween Map i made, but Hammer keeps crashing when i try to open it. Im aware there has to be a Problem within the VMF file, but this never happened to me, so i dont know what the Error could be. I would appreciate if someone could help me tell what the Problem is...
  5. Capp

    Game freezes on point capture

    I've been developing the second stage of a pl map, now whenever i cap the last point of the first stage, the game freezes and I have to forcefully shut it down. Any clue on why is this happening and how can I stop it?
  6. 80riNG

    Map Crash

    i made a map and when i try change class in spawn to pyro with jetpack my game crash. pls help me.
  7. bladelores

    Hammer crashing when I open texture menu

    Ok so, I'm trying to get into mapping, but I can't figure out how to get hammer to work properly. Every time I open the texture browser Hammer crashes and no error logs or anything similar pops up, How can I fix this? I've tried reinstalling and deleting some custom content, which didn't help...
  8. Legendoniance

    [SOLVED] Client/server crashes on map load :(

    Hello! Thank you for your help, anyone who might be able to answer this <3 I recently started mapping and had a little issue resolved yesterday. Now that that's resolved, another's popped up. The issue with the map is simply that it crashes client and server, and doesn't leave anything in the...
  9. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Unknown game crash with sv_pure 2

    Hello there, Whenever I start my map in TF2, I type sv_pure 2 in the console and load the same map again, everything works fine. But, whenever I load a different map when starting TF2 and load my map with sv_pure 2, the game crashes. This is the first map I'm working on which has custom...
  10. GameSpy

    Hammer Editor NOT WORKING :(

    nothing happens at all when the hammer is launched, unless it appears for 2 seconds in the Task Manager process, please help VIDEO: View:
  11. ThirdEye

    Game crashes on my 3CP map.

    Hi, So once the middle is capped the enemy has to rush to the last control point as a team and even if one triggers the last control point it causes the game to crash. There isn't really an error I have seen expect the skybox is missing or whatever which is what I get for all my maps even if it...
  12. cosmicfortune

    (Fixed) Game closes upon map load.

    All I wanted to do was see how things are so far. I quickly put together a skybox, setup a light_enviroment, and clicked run. Only to see the game just close upon loading the map. Here's the log: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress...
  13. ThirdEye

    Navigation mesh with bots crashes my game on my map

    One of my maps I am developing has a problem with the bots crashing the game after 5 minutes or so. I have no idea why because on my other map they seem to work fine. Any ideas to why this could be happening? I tried removing custom folder content which did nothing. Thank you!
  14. ComradeRoffel

    Help required with CompilePal crashing after launching /tf (solved now)

    Using version 25, already tried previous versions. The other option is placing my custom models from mainly the Frontline! pack into /tf directly and compile using VIDE. This does however significantly increase the filesize of my map way over what you could consider an avarage size for an alpha...
  15. Gabrimer

    Hammer crashing when searching for materials

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I've tried deleting downloaded materials from other servers and such, about 5 GB of files removed, yet it still crashes. Mainly all the materials are the backpack items and vgui materials for some odd reason.
  16. Salty Spy Main

    Simple map crashes while playing it.

    I created a very simple koth map that has two spawn rooms and a middle room for the control point. After playing the map for a minute or two, the server crashes. Every time it crashed the server had at least one bot. The log to the server is blank.
  17. Muenster Monster

    TF2 crashes when loading compiled map

    I'm just trying to get hammer up and running on this new laptop I got - tf2 itself works fine, but for some reason when I try compiling a simple room to test if it works tf2 loads into the initial loading screen and then crashes. I don't know what could possibly be the cause. Here's my compile...
  18. Scampi

    Hammer crashes when loading a map [RESOLVED]

    It's not a real map, and I have a semi-recent backup, so it's not the end of the world if I can't get it back. But I'd like to try. What I was making was a library of all the SFM props. I got the full pack from MaxofS2D, and was going alphabetically through of all the props, deleting all of the...
  19. Scampi

    CompilePalX Crashes on Launch [RESOLVED]

    Sorry to post another question so soon after the last, but this one is more urgent. Compile Pal X crashes after I select version to launch (Tf2 and Hl2 both cause crashes). This just started after a windows update, and I'm still picking up the pieces of everything else that broke. Here's the...
  20. Gravidea

    Game crashes/freezes while running map

    So I'm coming close to completing my map, but I've run into a problem that I'm hoping won't take too long to fix so I can share my map. When I compile my map, it seems to work just fine, but when I go into my game to test it the client will freeze and pull out of fullscreen, only leaving a small...