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Descent a12

KOTH in a cavern miles underground

Miles below the Earths crust, the merc war rages on. A large vertical shaft, sunk to extract valuable resources, has become the gateway to further wealth and power; and thus a source of conflict.

Descent is an idea I've had in my head for a while now. The goal is to make a koth map that's somewhere between a straight-laced, objective- focused Viaduct and a more open, 'deathmatchy' Harvest. I'm going to keep it in Alpha for as long as it takes to make the layout work exactly as I like. Looking forward to detailing!
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha Twelve Fix

    If this doesn't fix cubemap issues, I will eat my hat.
  2. Alpha Twelve

    Added: - Indicator lights on active minecart rails to make it VERY obvious when one is about to pass through Changed: - Slightly extended the right hand flank shack, gave it a new entrance closer to the flank tunnel, and shortened the tunnel...
  3. Alpha Eleven

    Changed: - Lengthened mid slightly, results players needing to cover more ground to enter enemy territory, also adjusts some sightlines - Raised the fences near the flanking shacks to disturb a sightline - Altered main exits to mid to better...