1. Dee Kay

    TF2 Gnome Chompski Model 1.0

    It's the gnome for HL-EP2 but retextured for tf2
  2. Renek2

    Prop error

    i wanted to test my map after i booted it up every prop i added was a eror or either hidden. this also happend with my gmod map where 2 props were gone. anybody know how to fix???
  3. AsheMosterMashe

    feather 2D model edges? mask?

    I modelled a shockwave effect (just some open faces, no floor) with a scrolling texture applied, but I need the edges of those planes to feather out (where I've painted in black). The scrolling texture is additive so if I could just apply a black blur on the same faces, using the same UVs I'd be...
  4. MrOakridge

    Vintage Ambulance 1.01

    An ambulance straight out of the 1960's, ready to take you right to the Emergency Room after it runs you over due to its ill-maintained brakes. How courteous! A prop for maps. Inspired by the iconic Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. 2 paint jobs, each with team colors Alt skins for lights...
  5. FatalError418

    Move displacement at runtime

    I want to move a displacement down when hit. I tried just moving the displacement down, but I can't parent the displacement. If it was a prop, I could easily make it work, just make it prop physics detect health change and activate a func_movelinear. However, I couldn't get Propper to work, and...
  6. Veliass

    72hr Jam 2023 Turntable 3D model prop v1

    Here is a 3D model of a turntable. Made in Blender. There is a BLU variant.
  7. Ismaciodismorphus

    Pharmacy Sign 7/16/2023

    A pharmacy sign prop
  8. FanCyy

    Hardwood Forklift 2023-07-13

    A forklift prop Has 6 skins (red and blue, green and brown, yellow and orange) and 1 LOD Model by Puinguin Model adjustments and texture by FanCyy
  9. Sae35™

    Crushed Bonk Can Physics Prop 1.0

    This is a modified version of the crushed Bonk can from the sfm leak, so don't bother crediting me unless you really want to for some reason. It can be every flavor of Bonk, allowing your team to showcase their favorite flavor of Bonk in spawn. It can also be static or dynamic, as well as being...
  10. AsG_Alligator

    Space Consoles v1.1

    A set of terminal models fitting the space theme, full of buttons to press and knobs to turn. Set contains 6 models - 4 straight consoles with the same dimentions as stock spytech consoles and 2 45deg corner consoles that let you create seamless curved control stations like on the screenshot...
  11. RedShift

    Soviet Fastback 2023-06-03

    Hello, mappers! Here's another model I made About: It's based on GAZ Pobeda 'Victory' Has a single color which fits any situation well 'pobeda01' in Hammer model browser By the way: DON'T STEAL
  12. Ismaciodismorphus

    Australiumnized Water Barrel Props 5/18/2023

    Collection of the Hydro water barrel props reskinned to be Yellow and have a label designating it as containing a water australium solution.
  13. Wendy

    cheese wheel props 2023-04-04

    includes 4 cheese skins that correspond to the teams including the tf2c teams cheese is colored by cream spirit although if you want to make your own skin it should be easy because the source texture is in the custom download just change the base color to what you want it to be and boom done
  14. samuelkeller64

    Issues with vault door

    Relevant link: Trying to work on a payload map where the final point is at a large bank vault. Found this file and tried to open it, but it seems to crash Hammer every time I go into Model Viewer. Placed the...
  15. RedShift

    International Loadstar Truck 2023-01-15

    This is my first ever model of vehicle I fully made. It is based on International Harvester Roadstar. It has 4 color variations: green (base), RED n BLU, yellow. NOTICE: - No editing / reuploading my model without asking for permission. - No distribution of my model. Tip: It fits farm, swamp...
  16. Ðoge

    Default doors improved rc1

    Zero custom content, only in game textures and models For installation - place prefab folder to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
  17. ZungryWare

    Zungry's Random Content Pack v11

    This is where I will put all of the custom content I make for my maps. New assets will be added as I create them. Current content: Props: Propane Canisters (Red and Blu skins) Large Concrete Pipes (10 types) Janitor Bucket Wet Floor Sign (4 skins) Industrial Fan (Animated) Crane Beam Trolley...
  18. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    MANN CO civ grade holo projector v2

    A small hologram computer Mannco sells to the public it comes with 5 custom holograms as well as TF2C Team color edits Its free to use hologram projector prop for you to use in your maps Addition texture advice and and AO help form @Wendy
  19. Gruppy

    Breakable Broom Prop V2.2

    Comes with gib models.
  20. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snowy Granary prop pack 10/20/2022

    Collection of props used on granary made snowy to make them fit into winter locations contains a zoo map of all the the props with the skybox ones seperated from the gameplay space props.