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    How to convert a tf2 bsp map to creative 2.0 fortnite

    Hey so I want to import a bsp map into fortnite creative 2.0 and the files it supports (aft, dna, csv ,exr, fxb, flac, ,json ogg, bmp, jpeg, pcx, png, psd, tga, dds, hdr, tif, tiff, wav, gltf, glb, obj) thats trying to import map but I don't know how to import a map that I can just import like...
  2. AveOriginals

    Hammer Editor | Some models have a black and purple checkerboard on them

    I have a big problem. I want to edit Rockford v4b but some models have a black and purple checkerboard on them. Also, I don't have some of the textures even though I decompiled the map and extracted the textures and models from it (I did the same with the content for the map). Also I have a...
  3. TheCrafters001

    Hammer not opening Texture Viewer

    I've been trying to get back into mapping, but I have been having an issue with hammer that I cannot seem to fix. Whenever I click Browse on the texture viewer, Hammer locks up, but doesn't freeze. I did some scrolling through the dropdown, and I noticed that a lot of the dev textures are...
  4. The Tiny Desk Engineer

    Is it okay to delete the Half Life 2 game configuration from the TF2 Hammer editor?

    I've started to get quite annoyed by that selection menu popping up whenever I want to make a TF2 map, and I want to know if I can safely remove that game configuration without breaking anything important.
  5. Lasagna Pizza

    How to make individual bot parent the entity/brush from point_template?

    I had made the bots spawn on the traintrack entity and worked, it include point_template . But the only thing i wanted is the bots spawn their own indiviadual traintrack, instead of that 1 traintrack parented all bot. (picture of straight line and 5 bot on each indiviadual traintrack moving to...
  6. terrypvlynch

    I can't use the XYZ or 3D views in TF2 Hammer

    Hammer looks like this for me right now There's a bunch of white lines there and it makes it so that I am unable add blocks or move the camera. I tried switch to the various views but that also didn't work, I'm not sure if I accidentally clicked a button but it was working a few months ago so...
  7. T

    hammer.bat issues

    so when i first tried to start hammer, i watched a tutorial and it said to start by opening hammer.bat this did not work, so i went into the file, and inserted echos to see where the problem started. the problem led me to checl_sdk_env.bat so i did the same thing but nothing worked, not the...
  8. AveOriginals

    Hammer compiling old map version. HELP!

    Hello, I have a problem, when I compile the map and enter the gmod, the old version of the map starts, what should I do? Compile log: ** Executing... ** Command: "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game...
  9. Bill Shit

    Strange "ink spills" lighting error

    When I compile a map, there's many strange and unexplainable lighting errors (which the VDC refers to as "ink spills"). Even with all of the final VRAD parameters, these errors remain. I've checked the lightmap scales and they are all default and uniform, even changing them only seems to dilute...
  10. Ray is Sucky

    My map is apparently empty, even though the file size is 4879 kB

    So when I open my map in hammer, the entire map is empty, the file size hasn’t changed, the other maps seem to load just fine. I am really confused and worried right now. The VisGroups tab is also empty for some reason. I also can’t unhide objects. But I can add new entities and brushes
  11. Etho

    Map won't update when compiled

    Hello! I'm a novice map creator, and I've been working on a map on and off for the past month or so. Everything had been working alright for a while up until a day ago. My map won't update when compiled, this has been infuriating for me as I've spent the past day and a half trying to solve this...
  12. Fancy Mango

    Deathrun map help

    I'm making a deathrun map and I want to do is only get one player on the blue team, also, there are servers that has all classes run at the same speed and not having weapons. Is there an entity or a command that needs to be added to my map? Thank you.
  13. A.I. the Artificial Idiot

    I bug is making me unable to use the hammer editor.

    So I downloaded the "Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack" as I am new to mapping and wanted a sort of jumping-off point (And a tutorial told me to) but now when I click on my hammer editor desktop shortcut to says I don't have the file or something and the other connected files are in a weird file...
  14. MrManofaMister

    i dont know whats happening pls send help [fixed]

    Yesterday I was just building my map in hammer like all the other times before, this time dabbling with the displacement tool a little, and now I've encountered some weird bug/ glitch thats preventing me from testing and playing the map in-game. Basically whenever I compile the map it loads a...
  15. ThirdEye

    Map looks really washed out with HDR on ingame. [SOLVED]

    The whole map looks too bright, too white. How do I fix this in hammer?
  16. mat_mot0

    Hammer Lag

    The application has very from rate. Doing anything like navigating or make brushes is laggy. How can it be fixed?
  17. Leonin

    How can I make a hovering func_movelinear?

    what i mean is how would you make a func_movelinear that starts at the bottom, goes (for example 300 hammer units) higher in a straight line, stays for a second or two, then ends up at the coordinates where it started?
  18. Phased OuT

    My Maps Make a bsp But Dont Work in Game

    I've been mapping for 5 months now, so I have a basic understanding of what I'm supposed to do, but I've never came across an problem this confusing. I have a decently sized map right now near completion, and I didn't exactly compile it to test in game in a while, so I thought, "Hmmmm, Maybe I...
  19. Wastag

    Problem Solving (Hammer etc.)

    To give advice when finding problems whether concerning faults with the programs or tools of TF2 map building or modification.
  20. lolypopmaster11

    help again

    now i have 2 spawn points for each team red as no problem but when i spawn with blu i spawn i the red teams base and get this in console EntSelectSpawnPoint(): No valid spawns for class #TF_Class_Name_Scout on team 3 found, even though at least one spawn entity exists. but the problem is that...