Frontline Asset Lighting Problem

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Mar 17, 2016

model is that corner awning in 128 hammer units
- no errors in interlopers
- tried disabling shadows
- latest version of frontline supply drop
+ a WIP map spoiler that disregards spies that tries to encourage every class


Jun 26, 2015
I've had this problem with the large rocket prop before.

I contacted other members of this board and they don't seem to have a clue.

Have you tried to replicate this issue with other similar props? Have you deleted the issue prop and tried again? Or, can you move the prop to another location of the map (for instance, in the middle of an open area) and then see if it works correctly?

Otherwise, I would suggest deleting that prop and restructure the awning section of the building. Maybe make the awning for only one side of the building, not both sides.


Party Time 2.0!
Jun 8, 2016
Use a different lighting origin or compile with StaticPropPolys and StaticPropLighting. The simplest solution is to enable those compiling options, but if you don't want to spend a little bit extra time compiling, then just put a new lighting origin. You can use a info_lighting.