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    Does anyone know how to make doors sync to points? For example, Both A and B need to capped before C can be captured and I don't want people going into C until both A and B are capped. So i have to put a door in to prevent people from going to C. How do i make the door stay closed on C until Both A and B are capped and then when both A and B are capped then door to C can open?
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    Have the door disabled on start and then send an input to it after both points A and B are captured. Few ways you can go about this:
    • If it's a door you want to open/close by players, disable the trigger surrounding the door and then have an input firing to enable it after both points are captured.
    • If you want the door to just open and stay open after capture, keep the door closed with no trigger around it, then fire an Open input to it once both points are captured.
    Now, to actually check when both points are captured by a team, you can set up a math_counter starting with a value of 0 and a maximum value of 2. When a point is captured, fire an input to the math_counter to increment it by 1. For the outputs, you can have it check when it reaches a value of 2 (ie. both points captured) and have that fire the command to do what you want in the bullet points above.
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    Alternatively, you could set each point to trigger a disabled relay to open the door (or enable your door trigger), and then enable the relay with a very slight delay. The first capture will fail triggering the relay because it's disabled, then enable it, the second will fire off the relay and then try to enable it, which won't do anything because it's already enabled.
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