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  1. dabmasterars

    setup doors not opening during "waiting for players"

    in any other (official) map doors are usually opened during warmup/waiting for players. my map does not have this, forcing blu players to wait until both the warmup and setup time have finished. now, i use triggers instead of doors, but it should function about the same. edit: i tried changing...
  2. CommLogic


    Im trying to make some spawn rooms and im finding that whenever i try to make a team exclusive door it wont open (as intended) for the enemy team unless they touch the door itself, at which point it goes up and gets stuck, anybody know how to fix?
  3. Wheat

    Better Spytech Doorframe Models v1

    Modified versions of valve's props_spytech/doorframe005, designed to be easy to place, with more standard unit sizes snapping to the 32x grid. There are currently six new doorframe sizes: -128x128 HU -128x160 HU -192x128 HU -192x160 HU -256x128 HU -256x160 HU
  4. Ðoge

    Default doors improved rc1

    Zero custom content, only in game textures and models For installation - place prefab folder to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
  5. zythe_

    More Door Textures v1

    please feel free to leave suggestions for more icons/symbols, useful and not useful, in the comments and i will probably add them. credit required on finished maps, thanks.
  6. Berke

    Cartoony Window Door 1

    Made for TF2Maps 72hr Jam. A great window door model with not so great texturing. With cubemaps and collisions, whats there not to love!
  7. Squaggies

    U-Turn Door v1

    sometimes people just need a bit of guidance
  8. samuelkeller64

    main_entrance_door issues

    I'm currently designing a map that utilizes cp_well's big doors and am running into an issue. So far it opens, but the door itself doesn't go into the frame like it's supposed to. Pictures provided. I thought it might be an issue with the func_door's origin, but modifying that doesn't seem to...
  9. KrazyZark

    Small and Medium size edit for Urban Blast Door V2

    Adds Two new sizes of the blast door prop from Mannhattan. Comes with skins that work with the snowycoast door textures if you have them installed, if not they will be untextured. Snowycoast asset pack:
  10. i_forget_names

    Bots stuck on One-Way Door (solved)

    Hello, I made a CTF map that includes a one way door, but the bots seem to get stuck on the wrong side of the one way door when picking its path. I could not find a thread on valve dev community about this. information: i have not created a navigation mesh myself, i used nav_generate in...
  11. Bakscratch

    Industrial Doors 2021-10-12

    Industrial Doors with variations
  12. therealflyguy

    Opening doors on control point unlock (KOTH)

    On a koth map I'm making, I want to have two large blast doors near either spawn open when the control point enables. I already have the brush set as a func_door, but I see no option for it to start disabled. Any ideas?
  13. Cynder loves Portal


    I usually use the player spawn model as reference for door height. Is that right or I should add on a bit extra?
  14. Asd417

    Vault Door Improved 2020-09-16

    Default vault door sucks This model can be fit into 64 unit walls and it has improved collision model
  15. JackHundeswald

    Help Needed: Creating a special garage door from Well/Mossrock [Solved]

    Hello creators! I am currently working on a small map, featuring a garage that I want to open and close. The standard door works as intended, except that it goes too high and moves itself over the small building. I then thought of the large doors featured on well and cp_mossrock, and wanted to...
  16. Rubber Soul


    In order to capture the last point, BLU must first capture the point that unlocks the doors to the point, if the final point isn't capped in time, RED wins. Easy, right? There's a catch, RED can lock it back up by capping the point again, so enjoy simultaneously playing defense and offense for...
  17. TheBlackRat_TGV

    help! my doors are flipping out

    so I was working on a map a while ago but when I started to work on it again my spawn doors started acting wierdly. it works fine with players from the right team. but as soon as a player from the other team goes near the doors they open and just stay open. the never come down. pls help Edit: I...
  18. Midlou

    [Prefab] Slide Door

    [Prefab] Slide Door - Compact Slide Door Includes: Large Slide Door Small Slide Door Door filters: RED: filter_red BLU: filter_blu Feel free to use it as you want Made by me
  19. ThirdEye

    Area portal on doors only one way [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have created a brush with func_areaportal and assigned the texture to the whole brush. The brush itself is the size of the door and aligned with the wall. The problem is that I can see the void from the inside of spawn, however once I get close to the door and it opens the problem isn't...
  20. Midlou

    [Prefab] Compact Door V1

    Includes: Compact Door 12'o clock RED Compact Door 12'o clock BLU Compact Door 6'o clock RED Compact Door 6'o clock BLU Obs: Don't rotate the prefab! Door filters: Red: filter_red Blu: filter_blu Feel free to use it as you want Made by me