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  1. Vert

    cp_tcdom_vert a4

    For ages, humankind has struggled with many challenges. Many tasks deemed far too dangerous to be worth solving. How to create world peace? How to end world hunger? How to travel faster than light? How to make territorial control good? I, like everyone else, have attempted to solve at least one...
  2. Drages Nolya

    cp_brigiecity_a1 a1

    wip Attack Defense Map with a city theme
  3. Flareblood

    CP_Eggbasket a4 but fixed i hope

    Hopefully this time I'm actually learning how to make a decent map. I think I'm also figuring out how to make some height variation now. Might be a bit underscaled, but let's just see.
  4. Flareblood

    cp_herrigare_a1 2018-07-24

    This is CP_Breezy, but closer to what I'm hoping to turn it into. Probably shouldn't have added so much detail to the bridge so early, but meh.
  5. Flareblood

    cp_breezy_a2 cp_breezy_a2_fix

    Alpha 2
  6. Flareblood

    cp_breezy_a1 2018-07-20

    My second map. Decided to start on a new map. Sorry for no pictures. Hoping to get feedback on this one as well.
  7. SnakedSnack

    Multi Stage [CP] Urban Scramble 2018-07-14

    Welcome to Urban Scramble! Small city tematic map with 3 stages/2 points each stage. The second map from the workshop I made for half a year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map and .res file to work can be downloaded here ...
  8. Nivag

    How to make a 3CP gamemode?

    I'm trying to make a map with three control points, but I have no idea where to start. I've made the layout of the map, but I have no idea where to go or how to start. It's a gamemode similar to cp_warmfrost, btw.
  9. FishyUberMuffin

    Doors to Points

    Does anyone know how to make doors sync to points? For example, Both A and B need to capped before C can be captured and I don't want people going into C until both A and B are capped. So i have to put a door in to prevent people from going to C. How do i make the door stay closed on C until...
  10. The_Evil_Pickle

    [April Fools] Points Get a1

    This map was built from an orphaned map made by Sergis, so the layout of the map was done by him. I just added a whole bunch of logic entities to give the map some additional features. In your spawn room is a white tile that teleports you to a separate room, shown above. The counter on the...
  11. Billo

    payload red spawn points problem

    hey so i am having a problem with my pl map i am making. the thing is i have set up everything like logic relay , spawn points and the logic is correctly connected with the team_control_point (outputs) so if the blue cap for examble and i have on trigger , blue_spawn_1 , disable and blue_spawn_2...