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  4. A/D CP, 3points

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  6. CTF

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  7. Invade CTF

  8. PL

  9. PLR

  10. A/D CP, Steel-Like

  1. Jamini

    Jamini L4: Comfortable Member

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    Are you getting a little tired of working on the same .vmf all the time?
    Do you find yourself always getting started on a new project and not finishing?
    Have you always wanted to release a map, but you just don't feel confident enough to get that first alpha out the door?
    Interested in showing off your l33t mapping skeelz?

    I, sirs and madams, may just have a solution for you.

    I present to you the second "Unofficial Community Map Project!"


    That's right folks, this is a project designed around producing a map that comes 100% from the community: From the game mode, style, and initial layout all the way to the most complex and convoluted displacements and final detailing touches. Every member of the project will be given a week to work on what they feel should be improved on the map. With a little luck, solid planning, and a lot of teamwork, the whole will be greater than the sum of it's parts and we can produce a map that even the most critical observers will nod their heads too and say "It's not bad!"


    Finished Participants:



    Mr. Hanz


    The Political Gamer
    Om nom nick

    Future Participants:

    Da Beatz Project - Detailing
    Pilk - Detailing
    Mashpotatoe - Detailing
    ScreamingGerbil - Detailing
    Lord Ned
    Dr. Killpatient

    Members who have stated a willingness to contribute Models/Textures/Overlays:

    Now I'm sure you have some questions, so let's get to it!

    Do I need to be a pro mapper?

    Absolutely not! Everyone can contribute something to a map like this! Weather it be adding a massive bridge that spawns the chasm of the community pl_greatgiantcasm, or detailing the eves a single hut on what will become cp_underpassenger. Contributions are more than welcomed. Just remember that you're not the only person working on the map!

    Will it take much time?

    Not at all! Each person who signs up will be given a week to work on the map. Before the end of which they must provide a zipped .vmf (either here, or elsewhere) for the next person to use. How much, or little, you work is up to you. Though we defiantly must say "more is better!" when it comes to time and mapping.

    What if we run out of people?

    If we do get to the end of our waiting list and nobody else is willing to work on the map then I'll hold onto and work on some less-noticeable aspects of the map (Details, optimization, logic) until somebody else signs up. I'm not expecting this to be the case too often, but you never know!

    How do you plan to organize this?

    Organization will be handled entirely through the forums. This thread will be used for initial discussion of the map (style and game type). Once the first brushwork has been laid down we will move over to a WIP thread where all discussion will be forwarded too thereafter.

    Each participant will be given a week to work on the map, at the end of which they will need to upload the zipped .vmf and provide the link both in the thread and to the next person in line via PMs. The map must compile and run before you pass it on (participants are encouraged to double-check that the map compiles before working on it.) In the event that a bad file is passed (I.E. the last person rotated the map 1 degree in all three direction, brought all brush entities to the world, and created a number of non-square displacements.) the entire new file will be removed and work will be done from the next -earlier version.

    Upon receiving the PM with the vmf, a participant has 2 days to post a notification that they have received the file. If no notification is posted, that participant will be skipped.

    What is the timeline of this project?

    As in all creative ventures, timelines are very nebulous things when regarding community projects. As of now, I only have a rough outline of how the map will be developed, and no dates are yet specified (if any will ever be!).

    Outline -

    -Style Determination
    -Setting Determination
    -Game mode Determination
    -Map Goals (our goals as mappers with this particular map)
    -Basic Layout

    -Basic layout (ground, sky, skybox, walls, large props, dev lights, dev textures)
    -Game Entities (spawns, respawn rooms, doors, spawn cabinets, carts, capture points)
    Design + Play-test
    -Advanced layout (bridges, scaffolds, smaller props)
    -Basic Lighting


    Can I use the VMF to make my own spinoff?

    This particular project, by its very nature, is open-source. Feel free! Do please give credit for the original map to however. It's not right to simply claim the work of others as your own.

    Can someone change my work?

    If they feel that it warrants changing, yes. Don't think of this as an insult, but rather as a learning experience and opportunity! Not everybody will agree on what is best for the map, however. A lot of what goes on in this map will be discussed before, during, and after it is finished. Besides, if you really don't agree with what somebody did to your stuff, sign up again and fix it!

    What if someone wreaks the map? (I.e. a Non-square displacement)

    If the map cannot be compiled when it is passed on, or takes an exceedingly long time to compile, the latest revision of the map will be ignored and we will revert to the last version. As of right now I am not planning on using a SVN to save and change the map. This may eventually change! So keep posted! If this is a success we may even try another community map (perhaps even an official one!)

    Can I work on the map more than once?

    A particular participant can only be in the list once at any particular point in time. However once you finish your turn, feel free to put your name back into the list if you want to keep working with us.

    Do you plan on using the ABS FGD?

    I do use it and strongly recommend it to everyone. A Boojum Snark has put a lot of effort into this pack, and it is well worth looking into for anyone who is even semi-serious about mapping for TF2.

    Can I help without mapping?

    Absolutely! Post here, or in the WIP thread (when it is created) and give us your ideas and thoughts! Textures, Overlays(Especially overlays!), Props, concept sketches, and play-testers. Any contribution can help make our project more interesting and enjoyable.

    If you are interested in joining us, just post! We look forward to your thoughts and opinions on the matter!

    What do I Need to map for you?
    You will need the Swamp theme pack found Here.
    We also strongly recommend getting the developer texture pack HERE.

    I'd like to play a bigger role in the production of this map!

    Please go to our steam group at and sign up. Playtest information, live map chats, and announcements are posted there first.
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  2. Inqwel

    Inqwel L6: Sharp Member

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    I want to see it swamp theme. Community Map Project with Community Props.
  3. Owlruler

    Owlruler L12: Fabulous Member

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    I'll help if I don't do any of the layout since I am incredibly bad the that. I would personally prefer to do clipping or the entitys.
  4. The Political Gamer

    aa The Political Gamer

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    I will bite. :) I am also very interested to see how this will work.

    Oh and I would love to take the job of detailing, I need more practice with that.
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  5. DaBeatzProject

    aa DaBeatzProject

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    I might help too, depending on how much other people are going to do so ofcourse.
  6. Hanz

    aa Hanz Ravin' Rabbid

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    Cool! :D I'm willing to join the project. :)
  7. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    I will join just to make sure this project doesnt fail
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  8. grazr

    aa grazr Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle

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  9. drp

    aa drp

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  10. Terr

    aa Terr Cranky Coder

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    IMO the parameters of the project need a bit more nailing down (by fiat or by vote) in order to set some tighter boundaries for better teamwork. At least:

    • Gamemode
    • Player count
    • Overall setting
  11. Engineer

    aa Engineer

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    Would love to help, but should it be swamp themed? I am really bad at swamp-theme detailing :(
  12. Jamini

    Jamini L4: Comfortable Member

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    I covered that. A few times actually.

    Once we've got enough mappers to get a good month or so of work out (which looking back, we do) we'll talk out the basic direction we want the map to go. Style, setting, gametype, the overal "goal" for the map will be determined before even one brush is put into Hammer. That way the entire group has a final goal to strive for.

    Even non-mappers (I know we have a few here!) can contribute with ideas, models, and concept sketches. This is really the perfect time to get your ideas on the table, so let's hear them.
  13. Jamini

    Jamini L4: Comfortable Member

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    double-posting because I'm cool like that (yes, I know how to edit. This is seperate because I want to keep the 'offcial' stuff and my own ideas in their own sections in the thread.)

    I feel that a TC map would suit this style of development really well. It would give folks who are skilled with entities a real chance to shine, and allow a lot more opportunities for different layout ideas, as well as more overall space to show off detailing ability for members who prefer that aspect of mapping in one map than you would find in any other map type. As for style and setting, I've got nothing right now. However a swamp theme would be interesting.
  14. Owlruler

    Owlruler L12: Fabulous Member

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    I would go for multistage A/D cp personally, there aren't enough out there. And, the theme would be completely up to those who are detailing.
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  15. Terr

    aa Terr Cranky Coder

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    What I mean is that I think you should set up a wider vote (or decree a choice) for those aspects before asking people to individually put their names down, rather than leaving it as a "To Be Determined Once We Know Who Is Participating" item.

    A multi-stage map where each stage is a different theme (desert, alpine, swamp, winter) would provide greater scope for individuals to do specific kinds of detailing. (Reminds me of Biocenter.)

    In an effort to strike a mortal blow at their RED enemies, BLU is persuing a high-ranking operative known only as "The Announcer*" across the world....

    *And as "Carmen Sandiego".
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  16. Pilk

    Pilk L2: Junior Member

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    TC sounds like a good idea to me too, otherwise the map would be too small to really put your own stamp on a certain area etc. I agree swamp would be pretty cool, and fitting with the community theme, however I LOVE the Snowy Alpine theme of Viaduct... :D

    I'm happy to contribute in the later stages because I'm thinking maybe I could rustle up a few textures (of the overlay/decal variety depending).

    Edit: Multistage map would be cool too!
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  17. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    You mean you wouldn't just drop in my system? :p
  18. Inqwel

    Inqwel L6: Sharp Member

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    I rather go with Multistage A/D CP, Multistage PL, or even a Push CTF.
  19. SiniStarR

    SiniStarR L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    I will definitely take part in this.

    TC doesn't sound bad, but wouldn't it be better to try something a little simpler like CTF? I just mean as a trial run to see how this system will work.

    Secondly, what about custom models and texture? There isn't anything mentioned on the 1st post. Will they be aloud or should we just stick close to Valve stuff?
  20. Terr

    aa Terr Cranky Coder

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    What about asymmetric TC? (This is where someone links to an post from before when I registered where it was already done.)

    In other words, during each "phase" one team is always attacking and the other is defending with a time limit, as opposed to Hydro where there are two points in play. Imagine Hydro where certain sector-matchups put one team or another purely on a defensive or offensive role.

       3  4  B 
    R  2  5
    When two numbers that are both even or odd fight, it's a two-cap round where you have to defend and attack at once. Otherwise the odd number is uncapturable and the taem at the even number must defend until time runs out.
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