Are there tools for converting maps from gmod to tf2?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by rr3, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Are there any tools to convert maps made for garry's mod to maps usable in tf2? Most maps can be loaded, but have textures that don't display correctly. I tried using bspsrc to import them into hammer, but that only makes all the prop_static entities disappear, along with their textures and fills the maps with ERROR. I would manually place every entity where it should go at the right angle, but that would take a lot of time that would be wasted if a tool for converting maps already existed.
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    The reason you're getting those big red ERROR signs/bright white materials is because they are props in Gmod that you don't have the source files of on your computer, so Hammer places the default "hey, I can't find this file you're referencing here so I'll place this giant red ERROR sign, oh you have missing materials as well, here, enjoy a black/purple checkerboard or a completely white texture". The reason the prop_static entities disappear is because of some obscure bug related to the "FYI, something something invalid solids were removed, would you like to re-save something something" message that appears when you open a decompiled map. If you click on yes, for some dumb reason that can described best with "because Source" removes all your props. If you click on no, it should keep the prop_static entities.

    Afaik, only maps compiled with TF2's hammer (launch it from Team Fortress 2/bin) will work in TF2. You can load up vmf files from games using the same engine version (Gmod is one of them), then recompile them for use in TF2. Any other game using other engine branches (such as CS:GO or Portal) can't be used, because the vmf files differ from engine build to engine build, and are thus incompatible.