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  1. koolmann


    ITS KOTH_BIGCITY WITH A TWIST NOW ITS BOTH DAY&NIGHT AND MOST OF ALL (PAINTED PURPLE) SELLING PURPLE VMF 30 KEYS can you get to the land in the sky? stop the evil tv man TryNow
  2. PootisPlus

    TF2Maps 72 Hour Jam 2022 PootisPlus Entry 1

    I decided to do a scene with Garry's Mod in the Sunshine map with pure chaos, hope you guys like it! It's my first time participating. Here's an imgur link in case the download fails: View:
  3. John the Gay heavy main.

    The Dastradly 5 2022-07-23

    "Jruokis stands amongst the ruins of a world gone by, John is simply ignorant of the rapture that had befallen humanity. They are the last examples of an era long gone to time."-The hoovy gods.
  4. Ricsow

    ctf_2flat_final (final)

    This is a joke map that I originally uploaded to the Steam Workshop as both a Garry's Mod and TF2 map, it's ctf_2flat with a gm_flatgrass aesthetic. Keep in mind that this is mostly designed as a joke map, and wasn't originally made with TF2 gameplay in mind, although the TF2 version has...
  5. Duckscout

    Medic Enforces Social Distancing 2020-09-07

    I really liked how this turned out, also my first time using stop motion helper with multiple objects and ragdolls. (also my first time submitting for stuff like this so tell me if i missed anything) Credit: Animator and Editor: Duckscout (Me) (
  6. Gerald [BWA]

    Your end. 2019-08-03

    No description available.
  7. CommanderBopo

    Error opening

    Trying to edit a map from my friend but having an issue compiling it. I have done nothing to his original map that was working fine before I tried to run it. Any help would be great as I am only a couple weeks new to mapping. materialPath: C:\Program Files...
  8. warningzombie

    MGE King MGE king updated

    2 premier division soldiers are fighting on an arena.
  9. C

    Spy/Scout poster 2018-07-30

    Just a funny lil poster I whipped up in Gmod
  10. C

    Spy/Scout poster 2018-07-30

    Just a funny lil poster I whipped up in Gmod
  11. sz(k)

    Crime Scene 2022-08-21

    This is my first summer jam so i wanted to make something easier. There are 2 easter eggs. Enjoy!
  12. HeroWolfMod

    Reliable Excavation Demolition 2018-07-28

    Here's the main members, in my opinion, that make RED what it is! But if they are a demolition team, why do they defend? Simple: At the very last point of every A/D map they have something huge and extremely volatile ready to launch to somewhere in the world. We can safely say that BLU just...
  13. Mystic Monkey

    Animated prop breaks map

    Experimenting with props I found on GMod. Whats cool is that it comes with animations that when gmad.exe and imported into the right folders I can have the model as prop_dynamic with animations. The compiler has no problem that can't detect, but whenever the map begins to run...
  14. noname

    ORDINARY DEATHS [gmod animation]

    So , this video is major step forward from the "sunken ship" from tf2 72 hr jam , but it's still something like a tech demo. Originally title of the video was "Ordinary ingame deaths" , but i shorted it for no good reason. There's no actual plot , and this video is all about some gaming...
  15. Sphvy

    The Briefcase 2017-08-07

    A 72hr Jam Entry made in Garry's Mod
  16. noname

    sunken ship 2017-08-07

    Some " quickly" made gmod animation about red scout , and really hot summer weather.
  17. Pannox

    You Haven't Seen Anything. Download?

    Nothing unusual here. Move along.
  18. TommyGun

    Spes Alien 2017-08-05

    My entry for the 72hr TF2 Jam! What started out as a simple idea of just a soldier flying in space, ended up into this thing right here, entirely done in Gmod. I was gonna manually add-in shadows, but they turned out even worse than the in-game ones. But, you can check this imgur album of this...
  19. no succ

    Civil-Protection Pyro 2017-08-05

    Pick up that sandwich. Credits to: MidnightChord for making this wonderful addon that adds Metropolice's mask to Gmod First time tried photoshop, smoothing all of these sharp and ugly corners took me a...
  20. Vlad-Lem

    Dat feel 2017-08-05

    My gmod work.