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  1. ficool2

    Sounds embed into .bsp do not work on workshop

    All the sounds I have embed into the .bsp are not recognised at all when the map is used from the workshop. I think this might be related to the sound.caches that are not created, but I'm not too sure. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? Embed textures and models work fine. I'm using...
  2. Void

    Nightmare Before Smissmas - Winter 2017 Community Showcase

    Shake off the snow and come in from the cold, because it's time to ring in the holidays with this year’s seasonal showcase of all-things festive - and this time around, we'll be spreading some Smissmas cheer for all to hear in more ways than one! In addition to the routine community cornucopia...
  3. Phanpy100

    Updating steam workshop

    i just released my first map on the steam workshop just to realise i put decals in the map instead of overlays, i can't find a guide on How to update a steam workshop item so what do i do? (If your wondering what the map is its koth_hillworks and will be getting a tf2maps release after i updated it)
  4. {SDF} Priority#6

    How do I import models from the workshop?

    I'm trying to figure out how to import props from the workshop. I found a video on how to do it, but I cant find it anymore. So please help me I really want to start on a map before school starts. Please and thank you. NOTES: -I'm talking about the Gmod workshop, and I'm planning to make both...
  5. crybabbo

    Soldier's workshop A1

    Summer 72Hr Jam 2017 Entry! My very first entry in 72Hr Jam event - Soldier's workshop! I'm really new to SFM, so don't judge me, I'm still learning and practicing ;) Hope you like it!
  6. Coolchou Zhao

    Map subscription on workshop

    Is there anyway I can play let me friends play my workshop map without extracting files, just click the subscribe button and the map is in the tf map folder?
  7. AlexCookie

    TV style workshop frame v1

    Photoshop template for creating workshop icons. You don't have to mention me if you use it, but it would be nice if you do. :)
  8. NeoDement

    De-Construction Worker 2017-02-13

    De-Construction Worker It's a cosmetic set for Demoman. I was planning on making it anyway, but the idea of forcing myself to do it in a 72 hour window was appealing. I chose to do it with this set in particular because of it's deceivingly simple nature. It actually ended up being...
  9. laelae

    72hr Jam 2022 Melancholy Mask

  10. Billo

    The Last Stand! A Community Made Update

    Please Visit Out Website Here: This Is A Medieval Community Made Update For Team Fortress 2. You Can Find The Workshop Collection Here : And Here Is The Link For The Last Stand Group...