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  1. dabmasterars

    Can't publish a map to workshop because of an error

    When I tried to upload a map to the Steam Workshop, I have encountered this error: "Failed to publish file! Check to see if you have another item that has the same name." I do not have any files uploaded with the same name. When I tried searching workshop to check if someone else uploaded a map...
  2. Katsu! :3

    Multi Stage Regypt rc2

    Hello! I would like to welcome you to cp_regypt_rc2, a visual overhaul of cp_egypt done by "MallCop." As far as I know, the only changes that were done to the map were making the visuals much easier on the eyes, as all the extreme yellows of egypt hurt after a while. So you may notice that the...
  3. Thespikedballofdoom

    Steam workshop is confusing for downloads

    I don't think it's a very good system to have users not be able to access their subscribed maps via the "Launch server" button, or see them auto-completed in the console when typing map <mapname>. It doesn't help that the console prints all the workshop maps it successfully downloaded every...
  4. Backslay

    Beaky Chap (Hat concept & model) 1.0

    A hat created and modeled by me. The design was also partially created by my friend, Beak. We are planning to add the hat to Steam Workshop, but for now, we just have the model. Links: My Steam Profile: Beak's Steam Profile...
  5. osamh556

    General's Headpiece 2022-07-24

    Credits to Ptz for making the hat paintable. This my Entry for the TF2 2022 Summer Jam.
  6. Diva Dan

    Happy Sappy (Cosmetic Item) 2022-07-24

    Created for the 2022 72 Hour Jam! Concept by Square, before the jam.
  7. Brodzilla

    Sweet Treatment 2021-12-20

    The work is timed to coincide with the TF2Maps Winter Jam Charity Event on December 17th, 2021. I would like the biggest disaster for children to be a lack of sweets.
  8. MstaPink

    The Punched Portrait

    Made for the 72 hour Jam!
  9. Agenzia Delle Entrate

    hide prefix "workshop/" from the map

    I can't find anything about deleting the prefix workshop, is there a plugin to show the map name without the workshop/ ?
  10. Destskelen

    pl_furywasteland v1.2

    Description: The world has turned to wasteland All that remains of it is only ruins And the only survival resource in this world is fuel Notes: This is the first version of the map, some updates are possible; Real players are recommended to play this map; Custom content: - Emporium Vehicle...
  11. KWVance

    Where is a good source for TF2 Cosmetics assets? doesn't always work (like it will say I can't replace any items. case and point ) gaming banana is just reskins gary's mod has so many useless hexs the good ones get drowned out. Just look at the "ye olde workshoppe" project not...
  12. 無敗 Muhai

    Unusual effect: Broken Affection 2019-08-06

    Created by Me (Muhai), chessypuff, grambee and Mark Unread,
  13. Gigazelle

    Clipper's Tricorne 2019-08-05

    It's a hat. With a bottle. And a ship.
  14. Cheesypuff

    Workshop Unusual: Broken Affection Sfms 2019-08-05

    Particles - Cheesypuff Concept - MarkUnread Sprites - Muhai Promos - Grambee
  15. DirectKEK

    How Can I Upload My Map to the Steam Workshop?

    I know it's a stupid question, but can someone tell me how to upload it there, or if there are any tutorials online? (I already checked this, but they are either nonexistent or extremely vague.
  16. 無敗 Muhai

    Unusual Warpaint

    This was a warpaint created from the efforts of Muhai, Cheesypuff, and Saint Lombax Credit:']
  17. OverPovered

    Texan's lil Helper 2018-07-30

    Plushy in the shape of Texas that replaces Teddy Roosebelt. By Fruit, Dilly, and OverPovered. Created for The TF2 Summer Jam 2018.
  18. Sir Limesalot

    Witch brew 2018-07-28

    Pattern by Sir Limesalot Pattern Fix and Promos by Rytugamer
  19. <2F F> | PJX

    Newbine rc1

    "Welcome to the Hale River Nuclear Power Plant! The safest plant in the world!" May I introduce you to Newbine! A complete rework of Turbine made from scratch. Featuring a new theme, improved sightlines, a completly remade mid section, less camp-/ and spamable areas, flankroutes and much more...
  20. ficool2

    Sounds embed into .bsp do not work on workshop

    All the sounds I have embed into the .bsp are not recognised at all when the map is used from the workshop. I think this might be related to the sound.caches that are not created, but I'm not too sure. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? Embed textures and models work fine. I'm using...