De-Construction Worker 2017-02-13

A construction-themed cosmetic set for Demoman

  1. NeoDement
    De-Construction Worker


    It's a cosmetic set for Demoman. I was planning on making it anyway, but the idea of forcing myself to do it in a 72 hour window was appealing. I chose to do it with this set in particular because of it's deceivingly simple nature.

    It actually ended up being considerably more difficult than anticipated, I spent almost the entirety of the third day debugging tedious technical issues (rigging/lods/etc), but that's the nature of making shirt-type cosmetics for TF2. I think it paid off and helped me prove to myself what I can get done if I don't allow myself to get distracted so much.

    (I'm going to upload it to the Workshop next week, I don't see much sense in rushing out the promotional art for the jam :p)


    NeoDement (model/textures/etc)
    Square (concept)

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  1. Now on the Steam Workshop!