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Newbine rc1

Complete rework of the original Turbine

  1. <2F F> | PJX

    "Welcome to the Hale River Nuclear Power Plant! The safest plant in the world!"
    May I introduce you to Newbine! A complete rework of Turbine made from scratch. Featuring a new theme, improved sightlines, a completly remade mid section, less camp-/ and spamable areas, flankroutes and much more!
    And most important of all: a timer!


    - new power plant theme
    - remade the entire map from scratch
    - completly reworked mid
    - improved sightlines
    - more flank routes
    - timer (thank god)
    - improved spawn routes and exits
    - less campable / spam-able
    - vents are replaced by hallway
    - jump class friendly
    - mid is outdoors


    1. Open up your Console (~)

    2. Type in "map ctf_newbine_rc1" (without the quotation marks)

    3. DONE!


    Flobster - original map
    PJX - Textures and overlays, recreating turbine from scratch, fixing, optimization
    Princess Fluffy - initial testing and feedback
    Valve - art direction references
    Shyro - initial feedback
    Captain Maxxy - map complaining, testing and feedback
    XTac - testing and feedback
    Stylerkiller - testing and feedback
    iiboharz - spytech monitor model


    GEquals - 1951 Chairman Secretary
    iiboharz - Spytech monitor
    FubarFX - Fubar's quality plumbing set
    ASG_Alligator - Skyboxified Prop Pack
    Acumen - office stool
    Square - Vehicle Prop pack
    Apom - rotating air intake
    Void - decontamination nozzles
    Rexy - Forklift
    Rexy - File cabinets
    Rexy - Chemical containers
    Rexy - The Chairman
    TheDarkerSideofYourShadow - Skybox pinetrees
    TheDarkerSideofYourShadow - Flatbed Truck and trailer


    - 24 Feb @ 4:14pm 2018



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Recent Reviews

  1. Zhiris
    Version: rc1
    Running this map over a year with a custom gamemode called Capture that Bomb.

    By far the best map CTF/CTB has to offer compared to the Valve maps.
    I really love the freeing experience of the outside in mid which makes me realize how claustrophobic you can actually feel in video game when you play on Valve's Turbine.
    The map truly shines visually and shows that if you put a lot of effort in remaking a already excising map and change the textures/feel of it makes it to a brand new experience.

    My Community always picks this map over the other 5 maps and I fully understand why this is the most played CTF map on there.
  2. Walrus Wambagoni
    Walrus Wambagoni
    Version: rc1
    Just great. G.bo said it all already, don't need to say it again.
  3. G.bo
    Version: rc1
    This is a map.

    This is a map that took something so horrible, so painful, so...dull and-and-and boring, took something so frustratingly simple...and made it honestly beautiful and possibly even worth playing outside of tf2maps.net.

    This is a map that I would honestly, no joke, pay money to get this map onto a 32 player server and experience the wide open battlefield and see just how grand and expansive the highly detailed and improved layout is.

    This is a map that I want to see get put into the featured list for being so impressive and pleasing: and before anybody is all like "But it's a remake of a map, it can't be in the featured category!" Gorge event is in that selection of maps, so why can't Newbine be?

    THIS is a map.