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  1. zythe_

    zythe_mc24 a2

    junction themed kotf map where you bring the flag to the enemy base with breakable glass and shiny ass floors. ✓ - King of the Flag ✓ - Capture zones are at the opposing team's bases. (Invade CTF esce) ✓ - Set in an underground facility. X - Payload Race ✓ - Destructible elements X - Urban...
  2. A Smooth Criminal

    Silo V5A

    Hello. I got Hammer++ recently for fun. I've never done mapping before and I thought I'd just mess around for a bit with the editor to see what it could do. Little did I know that it'd turn into 3 days of my life pretty much being dedicated entirely to this thing. It may not have perfected...
  3. Noe

    MVM Metro 1

    A Mann-Vs-Machine map set in a small section of a metro. The map has two lanes, one of which is randomly selected, and is entirely underground. The map also has stacking bombs. If left unchecked, bombs can pile up and become an issue. 15 seconds after a bomb is picked up for the first time, a...
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Deeprock a1

    Escort the drilldozer to its final destination!! Inspired by Deep Rock Galactic Credits: Catfish - particles
  5. Spleep

    [72H] Test DU5780W1 (Portal 2) a3

    [IMPORTANT] you should probably play the workshop version, as it actually ends: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2687830965 so like its the geometry of the first point of dustbowl, with like the 2 sheds and stuff, but its a portal 2 puzzle. my brain is mush try to find...
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Deeprock a1

    Contributors: Catfish - custom particles I am gonna update this later loool
  7. ItsOnlyMilky

    CP_Orbit A13a

    *Please ping me on Discord to ask if I'm available before testing* Orbit is a CP map focused on a complex, round facility with multiple floors. Start at the core and work your way uphill to win! Want to go uphill? Run clockwise. The first point for both teams is the Core, which takes up the...
  8. *Turns into crocodile*

    Ore a2

  9. Demoknight TF2

    ctf_sewage a1

    My second map. This time i made ctf game mode map. It have some bigger spaces but also some hallways.
  10. Werwolf73

    koth_whiteroom a1

    a small koth map with a Underground section and an overworld secktion This is My first map. so please give me Feedback i need it;)
  11. True lemon

    cp_bronze alpha 2.3

    this is my first "legit" map, dont tell me it is wrong, tell me why its wrong.
  12. Capp

    crystal cave a4

    teams must fight and destroy the enemy's crystal reserve. props to fuzzymellow for the recolored crystal models.
  13. Dusty the Musty

    KOTH Crevasse Beta koth_crevasse_b1

    My first map! Hooray! A basic KOTH Map with a mine-shaft feel while not being tight or claustrophobic, like Dustbowl.
  14. That1Yoshi

    Coober Pedy a3bb

    Counter Strike amirite? (Based on one of the smallest towns in the world. Here's a video link: View: https://youtu.be/f8hxfUTr7oY?t=498 This is a King of the Hill map with many vertical elements and flank routes. It does feature tunnels though they are hard to avoid when you're basing it of...
  15. Mess About

    Under a1

    "Never put the CP on the low ground" they said Note: the capturing time has been reduce up to 50%, it takes only 6s to cap (with 1 player) Overview: Middle area: Spawn room: Courtyard: Connects: Flank: Low ground:
  16. Elandre

    koth_alongside A1

    // A first, bad map. Won't work on it again anytime soon :) An underground King of the hill map. The point is at the bottom of a well which is flanked by two Areas higher up. Controlling them is crucial to capturing the point but if you're up there, who's capping ? The very first playable...
  17. Scampi

    Descent a12

    Miles below the Earths crust, the merc war rages on. A large vertical shaft, sunk to extract valuable resources, has become the gateway to further wealth and power; and thus a source of conflict. Descent is an idea I've had in my head for a while now. The goal is to make a koth map that's...
  18. Malavek

    KOTH_Maladex 1.0.0

    This map is based around quarries, this is a WIP map! any feedback is highly accepted!
  19. Moonfixer

    I'm having an issue with rain in my map

    This is supposed to be an underground area, any way I can block the rain from getting down here? I figured there would be something where I can dictate the distance the rain falls in the info_particle_system or something but maybe I'm missing it. Thank you for your time.
  20. Billo

    Koth_underground rc9

    Koth_Underground Is A Map Based On Underground Mines. explore the map with its secrets. try to capture the point and get killed by A Pyro Air blast you from the point to the deathpit. Version: Koth_Underground_rc2 i uploaded version 1 to the workshop and it had a major issue players could place...