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Coober Pedy a3bb

Underground Australian Tiny Tunnels and Homes Hide Secret(s), Legend Speaks of Medals From 72 Hours.

Counter Strike amirite?

(Based on one of the smallest towns in the world.
Here's a video link:

This is a King of the Hill map with many vertical elements and flank routes.
It does feature tunnels though they are hard to avoid when you're basing it of that, though most of the middle is open.
This is a rotationally symmetric map).
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. koth_coober_pedy_a3bb

    (A.K.A.) Dust(land) is back b(a)b(y)! After ~4 months in "development" hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Here's a list of the changes I've made (there aren't a lot since I mostly just want to see some new feedback, also I might have...
  2. Small updates, working on other maps atm.

    - Name reverted. - Some stuff n' things.
  3. More (Fairly) Big Changes!

    Changes: - NEW NAME! - "Window Wall" near the point removed. - Removed walls at point. - Removed health at rocks near point (this should make it less easy to defend the point). - Made left side bigger near middle and added and area underneath. -...