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CP_Orbit A13a

Orbit your way uphill!

*Please ping me on Discord to ask if I'm available before testing*

Orbit is a CP map focused on a complex, round facility with multiple floors. Start at the core and work your way uphill to win!

Want to go uphill? Run clockwise.

The first point for both teams is the Core, which takes up the centre of the first three floors.

The winning team must then capture the enemy's point in the Control Room. Located on the third floor, the Control rooms occupy the rafters above the lower core, and connect the lower floors to the peak.

Once the control room is captured, the attacking team must ascend to The Peak through a large gate. The Peak is an open, self-contained arena spanning the entire fourth floor. Knocking an enemy into the hole in the center will cast them back to the core, which cannot be captured while the peak is being disputed.

Capture the peak and the game is yours!

This map is the fruition of my learning the basics of TF2 mapping and is the first serious project I've uploaded. Hope you all enjoy it!

A KOTH version of this map also exists, this description *should* be updated with a link once that's ready.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. A13a- bugfix of 'Raze the Roof' updata

    As A13 but; -Lights have been properly added to the ramp between the stairwells and final points as planned. -Red B point now has the same shaped trigger as its Blu equivalent. -Red final point no longer has a duplicate trigger linked to Blu...
  2. The Raze the Roof update

    A big one! -The entire 'Peak' has been entirely removed, with all entrances sealed off. -Final points are now placed in the 1st floor courtyards outside of the B points, and will now be referred to as 'Courtyard' instead of 'Peak'. -The stone...
  3. The sunless update

    The main thing in this update is that for some reason I don't yet understand, the light_environment was causing major issues with the other light entities and shrouding whole sections of the map in darkness. It has been disabled and most of the...