KOTH Crevasse Beta koth_crevasse_b1

Undeground Koth Map with a hole in the sky

  1. Dusty the Musty
    My first map! Hooray!

    A basic KOTH Map with a mine-shaft feel while not being tight or claustrophobic, like Dustbowl.


    1. hl2 2018-10-11 00-26-45-17.png
    2. hl2 2018-10-11 00-27-27-91.png
    3. hl2 2018-10-11 00-26-35-54.png
    4. hl2 2018-10-11 00-27-16-46.png
    5. hl2 2018-10-11 00-27-45-05.png