More Modular Tracks

More Modular Tracks v5

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More Modular Tracks v5

A pack of track prefabs set up to easily snap to other tracks

This is a pack of track prefabs because I was always having trouble lining up tracks.
Some notes:
  • These tracks are designed to fit together just about perfectly at 16hu grid size, since some models go a bit shorter or longer than the length the models claim to be, So i'd advise using the skip brushes to line them all up rather than the models. The cap point model is the best example of this, because the skip brush lines up with the tracks rather than the model
  • These prefabs DO NOT have path_track entities, for curves you may want to take the ones from ABS' track curves prefabs
  • The "Mirror" prefabs use models from Pitto's "Mirror'd Track" pack ( The models from this pack are not included with this prefab pack and you will need to download them separately.
  • Some of the rail only models only have a 1 rail rather than 2, so there is a prefab for a left and right side, which you can line up with the left or right rails of any other track respectively
  • The Arc Y-Joint model makes lining up tracks a bit difficult, so you should be able to easily line them up to go straight through, but using the 90 degree turn might require you to go down to 4 grid size or less

In the future I'd like to add some custom models to fix some of the more annoying tracks which are a bit too long or too short.
Free to use and modify.
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Latest updates

  1. v5

    Fix 32hu track's skip brush being 18hu tall I'm really bad at making this kind of stuff, sorry for the update spam anyone who has notifications for this
  2. v4

    Added mirrored version of the Y-Joint S-Curve (because i forgot) Removed some unnecessary hammer++ data from the 32hu track vmf, to save a very very very tiny amount of file size (idk why this bugs me so much)
  3. v3

    fix 32hu track having the skip brush be too high and also inverted (no clue how i did that)