Stencil Decals

Stencil Decals 2022-01-07

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Stencil Decals 2022-01-07

Stenciled spraypainted gameplay-related decals

Has one team had to set up shop hastily and not had time to bring in their sign_gameplay01s? Are you going for a graffiti-type style? Do you for any reason need stencil decals saying "BATTLEMENTS," "CAPTURE POINT," "CONTROL POINT," "EXIT," "INTELLIGENCE," or "RESUPPLY" in team colors?
if so, here you are. I guess. somebody else could probably do better, but I figured since I was going to the effort anyway, I might as well drop this here on the off chance somebody else wanted them.
the files in the .zip have to go directly into the "decals" folder. if you want your map to have Pyroland support, also unzip the Pyroland zip to the same folder. otherwise, just delete it. you can put the files somewhere else, but replacements.vmt has to go with the other textures, and you'll have to go through and change all the paths in all the .vmts so that they point to the .vtfs' new locations.
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